3 Kinds of Sales Agreements & Why to Avoid 2 of Them

In this video you’re going to learn the 3 types of agreements you could get into when making sales, the BEST one for both short AND long-term profits, growth and sustainability and the 2 to avoid at all costs.

What’s covered:

  • Why #1 and #2 result in complaints, negativity and constant fire-fighting in business
  • How we can be at our best emotionally and never be troubled by guilt, shame, greed and resentment when engaging in the right kind of sales agreements
  • Why #3 creates success spirals and provides you with “plenty” to deliver on your promises and ultimately leads to more profitable sales in the long-term


in this video you’re going to learn three different approaches to coming to agreements in sales appointments and which one is the best in order to maximize your sales results and also have a really thriving business in the long term okay so the first one is I’m just going to put P for prospect s for seller or service provider the first one is lose-win okay and what do I mean by lose-win so with this kind of approach the prospect has from their side of the agreement they have much less than what the service provider is getting out of the agreement and so it’s imbalanced in favor of the service provider and you must be thinking why the heck is that a bad thing like how can that even remotely be bad like surely that is great business just getting the most out of every of every deal out of every client the terms of way more favorable in in my favor and so that’s where you’d be mistaken because with agreements like this what ends up happening is when the prospect realizes after they’ve got into it that they have they’ve really got the short end of the stick here and it’s really unfavorable in in their favor they will end up sharing that okay so that will result in a bad rep so it’s not great for business long term another problem that can come about from this kind of approach is complaints because the typical way in which this kind of agreement comes to pass is by lots of promises and lots of you know just lots of really fantastical statements unsilent the Surfrider and so when they realize that there’s some defaults here there’s some under promising that’s happened you end up with lots of complaints and complaints end up and end up with the service provider firefighting all the time so it’s just instead of doing business and acquiring new business and growing business you basically end up stuck with complaints that you that you have to go through the redress schemes and proceeds whatever it may be depending on your business but you just end up stuck with really unfair agreements okay and so that’s not what you want to be doing so the next one is win lose and I have to say for anyone in business most service providers especially the ones that find me and the ones that I end up working with tend to fall victim to this kind of approach more so than than the others which is they are they have to lose so they’re over compromised so this kind of agreement results in basically from the service providers perspective they are dramatically over over committed so they’ve made commitments that are not that they’re unable to deliver with the resources that have been exchanged so let’s suppose it’s going to cost a thousand pounds or dollars to deliver a service to this person and they’ve actually charged them 500 or 800 or 700 that’s over commitment and so they’re basically making a loss so they’re in loss in order for their prospect to buy something and so again with this dynamic it just results in really with behavior as well because inevitably when when the service provider realizes that I’ve made too many promises this projects gonna take way too long and I can’t really ask them to pay more because this is you know it’s gonna be bad business or whatever it may be so they end up doing this kind of cutting corners so their will they’ll look for a place to dump this project essentially in their day it will no longer be a priority they have to defy or attach this project in order for somebody in order to find a project that’s actually profitable to make up for this okay so again with this kind of agreement it’s definitely bad business okay and the last kind of agreement you probably guessed is win-win okay and this is basically its balance so both parties are getting what they need out of this agreement and it’s and it’s a mutual exchange it’s fair and when you have this kind of approach to all of your agreements you end up spiraling in success because you’ll have enough resources from this agreement to deliver what you promised and to also find new clients that end up with that you end up with this kind of agreement too so you end up having this forward momentum and spiraling upwards and to success because it’s a mutual exchanges of fair agreement and if you think back because this is something I thought of recently too a lot of the a lot of the areas where people get stuck in sales or they don’t they they no longer enjoy it or it’s they in fact they were they really disliked doing the activity is because they’re they’re falling into one of these two approaches because over here they end up feeling sometimes guilty or greedy and over here they are not feeling collapsed and weak and defeated and so here is where you keep your stance you keep your posture and you’re making a mutual exchange with somebody and they are getting great value and you’re getting equal value too and this is just a great way to sustainable business so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you’d like to take this understanding and use it to end up getting more sales and more agreements in your business like this win-win agreements then I put together a really in-depth training video I’ll put the link on the screen right now so you can see it this is a really in-depth training video showing you how you can increase your conversion rates so that you get more out of each one of your appointments so for each appointment you can end up getting more sales out of doing that but not just more of any sales is more of these kind of sales okay so go ahead go over to that link and I will see you in the next video take care

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