Almost 0 Sales From 40 Consultations p/m, Then THIS Happened…

By the time we sat down for a consultation, he had almost given up.

Something clearly wasn’t working.

His services were obviously in demand as he had no problem generating introductory calls, but the challenge was getting hired at the end of them.

He was averaging about 40 consultations per month, which had him maxed out in addition to his already busy schedule.

The disproportionate results to time invested had him question whether this was even worth doing.

It’s not that he weren’t trying; in fact, he was doing all the “right” things. He educated himself and knew how sales calls were supposed to go.

He was even using a proven “million dollar” sales process from a business development program whose hundreds of successful students swore by.

But when he ran people through the script, less than a handful would buy? On the rare occasion someone said “yes”, they’d join the lowest tier package he offered, priced within the hundreds.

Needless to say, he was NOT getting out of this business what he was putting in. Over time, his expectations dropped lower and lower and his self-confidence took a massive hit.

When you did the math, it was worse than working a minimum wage job. This was the exact opposite of what he intended to create when he first started.

He was so disheartened and so exhausted from all this fruitless effort that he was on the brink of packing it all in. But there was still an element of hope which inspired him to reach out to me.

I listened to his story until I really understood his situation and how tough things had been for him so far. Once I heard enough, I put together a plan that I expected would work better for him and he agreed to put it into action.

The plan involved switching up a few things. Step by step, we reworked his model, designed a new offer, upped his pricing and upgraded his skills so he was much better at communicating his value.

What happened next?

The very first two consultations turned into clients! Not only did they say “yes”, but they bought the highest leveraged service he offered at 3x the price of his previously most popular package.

This meant he could earn more and work less which was exactly what he needed for his busy lifestyle.

And what was more important than the money, was his shift in mindset. He regained hope of what was possible and started expecting more out of his business.

He began letting go of constant disappointment, sadness and frustration and started enjoying newfound confidence and his ability to achieve goals.

This is just the beginning for him. I’m sure if he continues on this path he’ll find tremendous success and finally enjoy the business he dreamed about when he first started.

Stories like this aren’t a surprise to me because I see this happen all the time, but if you’re in a similar position to where my client was before we spoke, you’re probably wondering how the same fortune can come your way?

If that’s you, then schedule a “Double Your Sales” coaching call with me today. This is your chance to get your sales results and business reviewed by me personally.

Together we’ll unpack what is and isn’t working with your current activity, and put together a personalised plan to achieve your dream numbers this year and beyond.

Here’s the link to book your call

Talk soon,

– Hakan

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