How Sean Signed-Up an $80,000 Client

In this video, you’ll learn the story of how life and business coach Sean Smith landed an $80k client and my biggest takeaways from the sale.

If you’ve been looking to swim upstream for higher-paying clients in your business but aren’t sure of what’s involved in enrolling at this level, then this case-study offers a strong example to model.

What’s covered:

  • What happened before the consultation that gave this prospect total confidence in Sean’s skills and made him an obvious choice to hire
  • The light-bulb moment that inspired Sean to look beyond the limited “budget” and aspire to what’s possible
  • 5 powerful insights that made this sale possible and how applying these can help you land higher-paying clients more often

To learn more about Sean, his company and neuro-transformational coaching:


in this video I’m going to share with you the story of how Shaun signed up an $80,000 client and my biggest takeaways from the sale so if you’re somebody who’s bringing immense amounts of values as a table for your clients but aren’t quite sure what’s involved in signing them up a higher price points then my intention for you in this video is that you’re going to gain some insights and ideas to try out in your business to get the results that you’re looking for so to give you some context on how this sale was made Shaun is a very successful life and business coach and he does events throughout the year and a one particular event there was a member of the audience who was undergoing a particular challenge that she needed some specialized support with so Shaun took her to one side and underwent a very powerful coaching session which she had an insight about that problem and so there was this relationship that was established there was a strong element there of trust in his abilities and skills and so after the event some time passed she contacted Shaun and requested some more discussion on the topic of helping her become a better speaker because she had some fears to do speaking she wanted to develop a business around speaking so Shaun had a consultation with her where he got to learn more about what she was looking to achieve and what specific challenges were in the way and he promised to get back to her with a proposal about how he can help so something to note here is that Shaun knew there wasn’t a large budget to play with because the prospect shared that with him in previous conversations so when he approached the proposal he had that in mind so he was thinking more in terms of how can I put together something that is most aligned with her budget so about an hour into writing this proposal Shaun had a light bulb moment he thought himself instead of writing the proposal that I think she’ll say yes to what if I wrote the proposal that can deliver the max amount of help and support and coaching that’s right for her and this was a pivotal moment because now the proposal started evolving he started thinking back to the times where he was a prospect and there really was some cool things that were included in the proposals that he was reviewing to purchase so he started taking ideas from those and thinking about whether they would be really great for this particular prospect to benefit from so he gave this proposal he’s all and it actually took a long time to complete in fact it took him all night and when he finally sent it through to her he said in the email read through this proposal and sit with it for a while because it’s a really really really huge opportunity that I’m offering to you I want you to sit with it so some time passed and they gotten another phone call together and Sean said to me how totally indifferent he was of the outcome of this call whether or not she’d say yes or no to the proposal he it totally didn’t affect him either way and all he did on this conversation was just share his story about what experience he went through being a buyer on the end of an equivalent $80,000 package that he was buying and what that involved and what kind of was going through his mind at that time and he put zero pressure this was a open conversation and he literally just shared his own experiences and so when they got off the line a couple of days later he received an email that said that she’s in and she’s saying yes herself and yesterday opportunity and she wants to get started and when Sean got the email he was really happy for her he wasn’t celebrating in the company or anything he was just happy that she said yes to an opportunity of this size so now I want to share my biggest takeaways from this sale [Applause] all right so take away number one was that Shawn really slowed down this wasn’t like one cool clothes that you may have come across in different niches and industries when it comes to sales training this was a very slowed down sales process as I mentioned in the story just narrating it you probably would have recognized that there was gaps between the first contact gaps between the the time for him to prepare the proposal and get back to her and then further gaps between her receiving the proposal having a conversation than a final email so it was a very slow elongated process now of course that’s not gonna work in a hundred percent of sales that you’ll make at that kind of price point but it’s just something to bear in mind that slowing down there’s a huge huge benefit in slowing down and really pacing yourself because oftentimes people who make a decision in haste also you know they drop out in haste – so in this sale Shawn really really slowed down alright so that’s a big takeaway from me is not being afraid and not being hesitant to slow the process down and make sure that this is a very considered purchase so the next biggest takeaway is that Shawn put the prospect first so when it came to the proposal writing he specifically took himself out of the equation and he had that idea which was I’m not gonna put together the proposal that I think she’ll say yes to just so I can make a sale I’m going to take myself well out of the equation I’m gonna put together a proposal that is going to be the absolute best opportunity for her this will be the highest level service that I can possibly give her that’s going to be the absolute best opportunity for her he put his prospect first beyond himself the next biggest takeaway was that he was 100% detached he literally and and he stressed this to me he was 100% genuinely genuinely concerned about her and whether or not she was going to say yes this opportunity for herself this wasn’t about him making this out this was literally about her and a decision that she was making that was going to make a huge difference to the trajectory of her business in Korea all right so he was 100% detached from the outcome he had no his feelings weren’t riding on whether or not she said yes to the proposal or not and that is a huge huge takeaway for anyone involved in making high ticket sales like this all right and so the next one is he saw the possibility not the limitation this is a huge thing because often times you may have prospects that come with strict budgets or you know they have a limited you know budget and they have a limited expectation and they whatever they’re coming to you with they’re coming with some stories that they’re carrying around about what’s possible for them and what they can afford now I’m not suggesting that you all of a sudden put together a huge a huge proposal and a huge price tag to somebody with a very thin budget but if you just take the lesson from what Shaun did in this situation which is he didn’t let what her current financial situation was at the time dictate what she could aim for and what was possible for her so taking that role of visionary on behalf of his prospect allowed her to expand her thinking about was possible and look at things from the frame of possibility instead of limitation okay and that was a huge part that played a huge role in this sale and the last one was congruent Shawn was absolutely congruent because before he had made this attempt at putting together a proposal like this he himself was a buyer at this level he you know he shared another story with me about how he bought a package a service package coaching service package worth about 80,000 it was over actually $80,000 himself so by him being on the buying end of that equation he was much more able to articulate and talk about from experience what it’s like to his prospect and he actually did that in the conversation in the story that I said that was one of the things he did once they got on a phone call after the proposal was that he paced her through his own experience of making a buying decision at that level and so this is a huge key if you are stuck right now with not being able to increase your rates or not being able to attract higher higher paying clients is have you asked yourself the question are you a higher paying client have you paid the kind of prices as a buyer that you’re trying to sell for have you paid those kind of rates before because one of the things I’ve noticed as well is approaching clients is that if you try to out if you try to exceed your current level of certainty with what things are worth and the value you think things are worth if you try to outstrip that and exceed that as a seller when you haven’t really done that as a buyer before is likely going to be this disconnection in your conversations there’s likely going to be this element of incongruence and your prospects will probably pick it up because if you don’t believe something’s worth that much there’s a high possibility your prospect will not believe it either so it starts with you all right and so that’s what I’ve got for you from my biggest takeaways from this sale sean is a tremendous friend of mine and coach and mentor so I’m gonna be putting his details in the description either above or below depending on where you’re seeing this video where you can contact his company you can contact him and learn more about his coaching and what he offers and how he helps people transform so I’m gonna put the link above or below to check that out too and if you’d like any further resources and trainings on sales and sales processes and increasing your rates then check out the link I’m gonna be putting also in the description bubble below which is to my resources my trainings and you can check that out too and that’s what I’ve got for you for today so if you benefited from this video give it a like and give it a share and we will see you in the next video take care

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