How to get up to 80% Conversion Rate on Free Consultations

In this video you’re going to learn one concept that can help you achieve 60, 70 and even 80% conversion rates on your initial and free consultations.

That means for every 10 people you speak with, 6, 7 or even 8 of them can wind up becoming clients or customers.

What’s covered:

  • The main reason why conversations that seem like they’re leading to a sale end in “No”
  • The “invisible barrier” that’s responsible for low conversion rates of 10-20%
  • How switching positions from opponent to confidant paves the way to much higher conversions (60%+)


In this video you’re going to learn how one concept can help you achieve 60, 70 and even 80% conversion rates on your initial and free consultations. That means for every 10 people you speak with, 6, 7 or even 8 of them can end up becoming clients or customers; and the concept is pretty easy when you really understand how it works.

So essentially when you begin an initial free consultation with somebody you’ve never met before it’s totally normal and natural to have an invisible barrier and this is very normal when you’re in a first contact with somebody you’ve never met before. And essentially how it works is that this invisible barrier, when still in place, it creates this opposition. So it creates this division between your prospect and yourself.

And so when it’s left unchecked you’ll have conversations that tick along that they even seem like they’re going pretty well until it comes to the stage where it’s ready to take it forward and ask for the sale, ask for order or move to the next stage and it just ends up in a big fat “no” and you’re left pretty perplexed as to how that how the heck that even happened because it seemed like everything was going swimmingly.

And so really it’s all down to this invisible barrier. And so the way that we’re kind of typically taught how to get past this division is basically by “closing” people and being really pushy. So if you’ve heard of “closing”, it essentially it just means bulldozing your way and sort of pinning your opponent down and defeating them. And if you’ve heard of “objections”, essentially they just mean your prospect is counter-attacking, counter jabbing and resisting you back. So it just ends up in this battle and you know it’s a very slow and ineffective way at making sales happen. And the results also reflect that, so you can generally expect around the 10 or 20 percent conversion rate when you have this kind of dynamic going on.

So if you want to get further and faster with your initial and free consultations and end up getting more out of them, then I propose this way. So essentially what you want to be doing within the first five minutes of your initial free consultation, is you want to be dissolving this barrier. And the way you do it is by moving positions so instead of you opposing your prospect, what you want to be doing is joining them. And when you end up joining your prospect you become their confidante, you become their trusted advisor.

And so once you’ve effectively moved positions and you’ve done this successfully, you are way more likely to end up coming to an agreement. You are way more likely to actually hear the real challenges that are going on and not just made-up ones that lead you down a different path. So you are much more likely when you’re on their side to work together in collaboration to achieve a specific result or overcome a specific challenge that’s going on for your prospect.

So this is the dynamic that will enable you to achieve up to 80% conversion rates. And conversations will tick along like this and result more in “yes”es: the results that you want too. So if you’d like business and life to be more like this, and you just want to kind of stop the resisting and battling that happens using this dynamic, then what you want to do is basically comment below this video.

So what you want to be doing is, ([I’ll] show you what to comment). So the details of how you can switch positions, if you comment below this video “HOW”. If you put that comment below this video I will get in touch with everyone who makes that comment, and I will show you those specific steps that you can take to switch positions and make it a lot more easy and effective dynamic in your initial free consultations.

And also I’ve put together a really valuable free training that will help you and guide you along your success path to achieving higher conversion rates on your initial free consultations. As much as 80% using the strategies and tactics I share with you in the video I put together on that link, so [I’ll] just put it up on the screen again, so if you just put that URL in your browser and you will be able to access the training that I put together that will show you additional strategies and support and help and guidance to achieve up to 80% conversion rates on your initial and free consultations. So that’s all I’ve got for you today, and I’ll see you in the next video, take care.

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