Drop this MYTH to Make More Sales

If you have a hard time signing-up more clients, it’s probably down to this one innocent misunderstanding you’ve picked up without realising. In this video you’ll discover the misconception that causes so many of us to spin our wheels with consultations that keep ending with “I’ll get back to you” or “let me think about it”, and what’s required of us to finally jump off the prospecting merry-go-round and start enjoying more conversions.

What’s covered:

  • Why the majority of sales appointments that end unsuccessfully have EVERYTHING to do with how they were booked from the start
  • The assumptions service-professionals make that prevent prospects choosing the BEST solution
  • How to be seen as a true expert and the option most worthy of your prospect’s business


if you have a hard time making sales from your initial and free consultations it’s probably one myth you’re buying into that is preventing you from increasing your sales from your initial and free consultations what I know what it is okay here we go it’s the myth that a good sales appointment is about answering questions okay and this is something I see a lot with service professional service providers who especially the ones who haven’t really taken out any kind of Education and learning and coaching in sales okay they believe that a good sales appointment a good consultation with somebody is just about answering questions and this is really what causes a lot of the breakdowns in sales processes and a lot of the breakdowns in communication and it prevents you from signing up more clients the reason is because it presupposes that your prospect knows they’re exactly what they want with total accuracy knows their very specific challenges with total accuracy and they know how to make the most empowered and best decision for themselves within your industry and here’s why that’s not the case because you are an industry insider so they’re only seeing they’re only seeing the industry from an outsider’s perspective so they’re just looking at people’s marketing they’re just looking at what’s available within the marketplace based on their own research and they’re calling up companies and they’re finding out you know who’s who and who’s gonna do the best service for me and so if you if you come to the appointment and you believe it’s just about answering questions now what and what ends up happening is you become this turns in the whole appointment has been set up to audition it’s now you auditioning for their business and that’s a really bad way to start the relationship from going ahead because when you now become the person auditioning it’s super easy for them to just say okay next next next so being an industry insider means you’re way way way more knowledgeable on the solution than them and so you need to be switching from instead of answering questions switching to asking questions because when you start asking questions you will now know what’s truly going on for them and you may end up finding through asking great questions that they’re looking in the wrong place for a solution perhaps hiring somebody like yourself or the kind of services that you’re offering within your industry is probably not the best route for them to solve their problem and therefore you can signpost them to somewhere where they can which is a better option for them to solve their problem therefore generating huge amounts of trust and rapport which often times you’ll find comes back to you in a magnitude of different ways but essentially it’s that switchover from instead of answering questions to asking questions that’s where you can truly identify what’s going on in that person’s like why they and and to really help them make that best next step and to really find where the value is that you’re providing with your service because if you can’t find out where the value is where the scope of that value is within that person’s life for hiring you you’re much more likely to end up with your fees to expensive I’ll think about it I need to research more I need to get in touch with more people and AM and just a plethora of different excuses to not hire you okay so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you like this video and you would like more help training and guidance on increasing your conversion rate so that means for every 10 appointments you have you can end up walking away with as much as 8 clients or new customers for your business go ahead and check out that link up on the screen that’s a free training video I put together showing you the steps to make that a reality for yourself in your business

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