Unscripted: How to Maximise Your Sales By Being “Human”

Today I was joined with Ajay Shankar of Authentic Sales Training Academy. We unpacked a lot of misconceptions about sales that you’ll probably never hear in training rooms or business development programs.

If you’ve been holding yourself back from growing your business because you hate “selling”, this conversation will help you fall in love with the activity, and show you a way to increase your sales without compromising everything you know to be true about being human.

What’s covered:

  • Why switching focus from taker to giver is the best strategy to make more sales and land new clients
  • Why unlearning a lot of sales techniques and letting go of excessive thinking will unleash your sales performance
  • How remaining true to who you are will lead to a never-ending supply of prospects, clients and customers
  • The counter-intuitive misuse of confidence that causes your prospect to say “no”
  • The delicate balance between being yourself AND being commercial so conversations end in sales and not just “thanks, that was fun!”
  • The COSTLY mistake of selling services in exactly the same way as selling products that most people get wrong
  • When focussing too much on numbers can actually sink your business and brand
  • How “stepping back” and giving your prospect space will skyrocket your long-term conversions


hello everyone how can ibraheem’ here sales coach and trainer helping client based businesses maximize their sales and profits in a natural easy authentic way and today I have a guest that I met very recently actually and we gelled just like this he’s a really fun character from the authentic sales training academy and today we’re going to be showing some insights on how we can make selling a more human experience and how we can just bring a lot of our authenticity to the table and take a lot of the negative connotations out of selling in general and if you have any fears or negative associations with selling right now my hope or our hope today is that a lot of them going to drop away and shine a new light a new perspective on how you can go about doing this and building your business so without further ado I’d like to welcome mr. AJ Shankar hey I can thanks man thanks a lot for having me here yeah you’re welcome as soon as I met you I met what you’re about and we had that conversation I knew that you’re somebody that I’d like to dive deeper into conversations with and opportunities with because you’re so um you’re still aligned I think with how how I think about selling and how I do saying so why don’t you just start off by sharing like your sales journey and yeah how you’ve kind of got into sales in general right so it was funny because I never saw sales as a business skill ever um I just I just liked people and I just like naturally cared for people and I think that how it happened is I was like the little kid in the family so at home I was not really able to like express myself and be myself um you know when I speak of you know like if you’re a little kid in the family one’s like okay it’s fine you don’t have to we don’t need your opinion right now so that was my childhood but for some reason I always felt like caged within me and even though I completely hated the school system I completely hated going to school one thing that I really liked it is that was a place where I can actually like be myself um and for some reason every time I try to help people I just felt very passionate about it and I just felt like this this massive internal fulfillment and I just started seeking more and more but as a little kid I wasn’t conscious about it of course now I am but back then I wasn’t conscious about it and I just developed this passion for human beings I would say and while developing this passion for human beings I also there were times when I was able to clear my brain and enter the state and I remember the first time I was like 12 you this is something right entered the state where life just became so much easier and I noticed that it had nothing to do with external circumstances it has everything to do with inside of me and I didn’t know what it was but as I grew up as I started like reading and looking into different materials I understood that that was me being myself at a core that was just me being authentic and then I just like had this hashtag authenticity moment inside my head right before I even knew what that word meant probably it hasn’t been here since I knew what it meant but before that I was really like interested in exploring this topic um and I understood that the less I was in my head the more I was able to see what’s going on in your head and the more I know what’s going on in your head I can communicate in a way without no manipulation no techniques I can communicate in a way where you and I can create like an authentic connection and when you think about me you’re like you know what that’s the guy that I can trust that’s a guy I can go to if I actually want to share something and when people started doing that like it just like spiraled on my authenticity and until to a point where when I first heard about sales that was the first time I’m like oh wait this is a skill for me and then I started learning these different mindsets and things like that I’m like oh this is a skill I didn’t know that it was a skill because for me it’s the way of life and and then but however you know when I looked at it of course it appeared to me as the business skill because I wasn’t confident enough to be like I don’t eat anything like I can just walk into it and I can just be that I already have a lot of in me I wasn’t confident in a few that because I could see that you know there were sales training out there there was some like a script there was these lines and all these techniques and then advanced methods of persuasion are you a visual are you a speak you know so I have to learn it right and then I learned it and then I try to be this all professional guy and this was like my first couple of days I would wake up in the morning and I would I would take a piece of paper I I would you know dress very nice over his nice watch alone in my apartment with my dog I love this calls and I was feeling this I was feeling like and then of course I watched like all these sales training guys like life closing on the phone and things like that and that I’m like oh I have to be like that and let all these things all it did to me it drained my energy like massively um okay fine if I drink all that energy if I still got results then fine at least have something was that the case no normally that I drained my energy I wasn’t talking deals and towards the end honestly I was acting like some butthurt person inside of me because I’m like I putting all this effort it’s not working until the point where I started asking myself like I can do better than this and I know it and I’m not being delusional I know that I have this within me what can I do what can I do and what ended up happening is I remember this one day I had a call where I was in a rush and I forgot to take the script I didn’t have anything and I forgot everything and I did not like I wasn’t even like taking notes or anything and I know this really goes against every sales advise that people I’ve heard because you have to take notes right and I’m not saying that there’s nothing else taking notes it’s probably a good thing I would say but that day I just forgot to do everything and I wasn’t dressed well I didn’t even take a shower and all I remember is I was on the call and I pressed and I was like hey hey man this is AJ from X company yeah how can I help you today and then he was like oh yeah well and then I started talking and then within like minutes in my mind I’m just like it’s been 30 minutes another call and that guy he didn’t he didn’t close on that point but two days later he sent me an email saying that hey thanks a lot for the call it was really eye-opening I’d like to sign up and funny funny fact is the actual price point I was able to close that guy for $1,500 more but basically no effort I did not learn any price objection handling lines I didn’t do any affirmations nothing at all I just became and I did and how I felt that way I started questioning myself like is this what actually matters or is aligns what actually matters because and this is the thing because we are ever since we were little kids we have this advice that we received that the more effort like human beings like never for right it’s it’s funny because once so when I was like 15 years old I was like a chubby kid and I put a lot of effort into losing weight and I couldn’t have lose weight now I ever endlessly stay a weed without like no it’s I’m not working hard for it and yeah so for me like that was the biggest moment like it’s not about more effort and effort and effort it’s about unlearning and letting go of a lot of stuff so that you can clearly mind and just keep your focus in a small circle so um yeah that would be like no Genoa as you were just as you were just freestyling and blowing I thought so many similarities with my journey and what I know to be true about sails because some of the best sales I you know I’ve made in the in the past I didn’t I wasn’t dressed at my best I wasn’t you know I wasn’t looking my best and I’d certainly wasn’t feeling my best at that time and yet you know effortlessly it just happened you know and people people buy and they buy a higher price point when you you think less and you have more of a deeper connection with somebody and so something that I’d like for you to talk more on is the yeah the lines like why do you think then why do you think a lot of the sales training and sales processes involved like you must say this and you know the actual language patterns and lines and all of that why do you think that still exists yeah I would say it’s exactly the same reason why men still believe in pickup lines it’s the same reason why men think that if they want attractive women they need to say some sort of lines and the real reason behind people use these lines when it comes sales is just it’s not at all it’s not like a complicated reason it’s very simple people are just afraid to be themselves people are just afraid to be themselves because ok let me get up can I get a hold deep here well when we are a little kid I mean if you look at little kids they don’t fear anything they don’t really they’re just completely themselves like haven’t you had times when you’re like walking down like in a public place and there’s a mom with the kids and the kid is like looking at you and like waving and then the moms and moms like it’s like the mother is so much older but what happened it’s because when you’re a kid you haven’t received any like social feedback at all so whatever your authentic self is what are people doing cheering it up then do you grow up and let’s say you’re at a restaurant and then you make you you act a little odd and then your parents they’re not trying to be mean they’re not trying to insult you’re like do anything bad but they say hey Shh just don’t be just people speak up and in that little brain your consciousness thing enter said speaking up means that a que being myself means that because when you’re a kid your worldview is very limited man your parents is basically like what you have so if your parents disagree to you the sign that goes to your brain is that if my parent disagree me that means they’ll abandon me my parents abandoned me that mean I’m dead so now it becomes like a survival mechanism so because of that we shove parts of our brain behind like the dumpster of our head so that we never have to like be ourselves and then we built on it on it on it on it and older because sadly the more references we get and the more signs we get that being ourselves is not okay yeah and actually well you said that something came to mind which is um a lot of people have a huge fear talking to strangers yeah often times you can trace that back to how we were taught and you know when we were young that is a really great um that’s a really great rule of thumb to again strangers because obviously you know this potential threatened and when you’re vulnerable at that age it’s really important that you you know you protect yourself but then when it comes to growing your business and transitioning out of you know just an employee into actual business for yourself carrying around a fear of speaking to strangers is like how do you think that’s going to impact your your sales results and your growth massively because like speak if you don’t like to speak to strangers I don’t know how you’re gonna be and also if you don’t care for human beings and if you are constantly hustling to be good at sales honestly you’re kind of like going in like a non-productive way like you’re gonna the wrong direction so because I lost my thought sir what was the question again no it’s no I think you’ve answered it pretty well it’s just essentially this but one thing I like to think about speaking to strangers is that even people who still have a lot of resistance to speaking with strangers there still is um possess element thereof it depends on what the circumstances are because I think a lot of people don’t have a fear of speaking to strange when they’re asking for directions or asking for a blank but it is the fear that whenever something’s in it for yourself so fairly involved that’s when a lot of the fears or resistance come about so that like because I’ve seen it and people have courage – there’s always this element there of the fear that they generate is is a lot to do with them like getting something out of this conversation there it in there right so could you talk about how you can still have conversations that are productive and do result in business that comes your way but without but without some kind of contaminating that conversation with you know selfishness or your own self-interest I guess yeah yeah so let’s touch a little bit on talking to the strangers party so you were saying that you know if you tell someone hey go ask that person for directions they are most likely gonna do it they were not gonna have that much of anxiety but and I want to challenge everyone for this um try going down the streets and pick anyone doesn’t like could be anyone and go through the person and do this hey how are you and they’re gonna be like good yeah I I just wanted to come ask you like how are you like are you actually good like what’s been going on in your life today you oh you woke up oh cool what did you are what’d you eat for breakfast oh I love having chief it’s amazing that conversation is gonna mean if you look at the surface level you’re not even asking for anything you’re not even asking for anything basically you feel weird because that is not a usual conversation as an adult that is not a usual conversation and then the feet just circles back to being yourself no in the business context okay it is all about let’s um I’m not really I wasn’t sure this would be the right place to say this example but I think we kind of like touched on it the last time you spoke that sales existed before sales existed you know so let’s take about like the Stone Age like 65 million years ago where what Zig Ziglar said is sales since the oldest profession in the world right so I think yeah I think that’s an important point – yeah – race is that nothing really happen in business like nothing happens into the sales made anyway mm-hmm and and you know it just boils down to and people feel weird about it because number one they are okay and this is one more thing as well like as we grow older and other thing that actually like installs inside of us is approval seeking basically every time we talk to people there is a certain need within us for example if I’m talking to you there’s a certain mean that I would have to get your approval on something so for example let’s say I say a joke I would want you to laugh at that joke I say a point that I thought in my mind was interesting I would want you to validate me for that and guess what I’m making it about me like all these things are about me but ideally speaking the ideal thing to do would be to out say master the art of being yourself so that you are so comfortable with yourself and every time you speak you’re just like feeling so joyful I mean I’m thinking about some people as an example um you know like Gary Vaynerchuk right hmm when you see that guy speed you can see that he’s like a kid he’s like a kid you see like his inner kid speaking and you can see that he’s not in his head he’s not looking for any external validation he just likes being Gary me you know sometimes he can be alone but extremely the whole hustle thing but you know he’s just you can see that that is a guy like feels comfortable in the skin and because he feels comfortable in his skin he even though some of his advices are kind of like contradicting and not so realistic he still had like thousands of people all over the world listening to this guy and people would think that he’s been in business for a long time which is definitely a factor but there are other people like me who’ve been in business for a long time but they don’t have like an audience like he does because there’s something about this and this is like that in the most purest form that I can put it whether you believe in the universe whether you believe in yourself whether you believe in God whatever you believe in when you make that decision that I want to be completely myself it’s almost like the best way that I can put it is like the Secretary of the universe would be like you know what that guy I’m just gonna let him in he’s fine I got him I’ll take care of him and when you’re coming from that energy it’s just your heart is filled with love and all your thinking is you and I are in sales conversation all I’m thinking is how can I make your life better and how can I solve your problem and my focus is completely on you and this is how I would like to see it let’s say um let’s say I am the CEO and like you are someone working for me and you have there’s a problem that our company has and you bring me on to the meeting you invite and you need to discuss this am I gonna be in that meeting in a competitive mode or am I going to be in that meeting in a collaborative mode in a collaborative mode because it’s our company right but the problem is in a sales conversation there is as part of their brain that kind of feels like competitive I’m trying to get something out of you yeah instead if you can step away from that mentality and be like you know what we’re on the same side I’m on your side your allies and let’s see how we can figure this out and I’m not going to push you for anything all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna find out what’s going on in your life and I wouldn’t find out if we can solve the problem because I’m not sure if we can solve the problem so which is a very important point as well because yeah love because like the way that we’re taught a lot is to always have the right answers of be super confident and have certainty which all are very important you need for them so you need certainty but then but then I think also the implied message is that you know you kind of you need to you kind of need to you just need to kind of push someone into or talk someone into something and and knowing that whatever you have is a hundred percent right for what they want like it’s this there’s almost this pride element there of you know it doesn’t really matter what you say because I know I’ve got the goods and we’re going for it so like what are your thoughts on that so this is so funny yeah you mentioned that because even so people have been in business for a long time like companies and stuff right they have they’ve been in a being the prospect several times so they’ve been on like 50 calls being a prospect so they exactly know what’s happening on the other side they have seen the patterns they’ve seen behind the scenes and it’s so funny because you know like how you have the people have the sales persona and these people they even have a prospect persona so he’ll give you an example of what happened on the day like this guy was on the call and he was like well is this AJ well if you like we can get started and I’m like holy what happened do you completely like mess I didn’t seem like the guard is totally up and and then you know he’s talking about the software that they’re using so I’m asking like how’s it going with the software that you’re currently using and he goes oh it’s working great it’s working amazingly well oh cool perfect and then you know he asked me something about like the software that we have I told him some stuff about that as well a couple of minutes in he asks me so why should we end by the way like at this point I haven’t even told him anything about him being good fit at all she’s like what why would we pick your software over the software that we’re currently using and this is what a typical salesperson would say which is the reason why he had that question well because these are the reasons and you know can’t you see why the difference but what I did is but mention a couple of minutes ago that the software that you’re currently using is an amazingly well for you he’s like yes well in that case why would you swish what’s the point of switching so if to answer your question our software may not be better than yours because your is already working for you if it’s not working for you one day then that’s a conversation that we can view be open to like that we can talk about it so it so I figure that’s an important point as well because um you know somebody asks a question what yes yesterday actually which which is more important marketing or sales right yeah I thought yeah you saw that right and like I think it’s very important because sometimes the way we miss communicate in marketing affects our sales conversation so like in a situation like that you may not have needed to even gone all the way into that conversation to finally finally realize that they really didn’t have a problem there and that that could have happened way before but I think yeah it’s really that’s why it’s it’s more of a holistic approach to everything really but what what comes to mind is maybe somebody’s watching listening to what you’re saying and thinking well look you know you’re saying you let you know no competition and be more authentic but then they’re not really connecting the dots between being themselves and being commercial and actually getting someone to hand over their money and say I want in like I’m buying this from you because a lot of you know depending on your industry as well yeah you may end up being subject to a lot of bidding and proposals and things like that so and could you talk about like how specifically you being yourself can actually result in someone like buying what you have like yeah so even though I am a huge proponent of like being yourself authenticity I have to say that that’s only part of the equation because I can be myself hundred percent and not care about anything else I’m like that’s the only thing that is important that is not going to close the deal either so being yourself is one part of the equation even though it’s a very important thing and the part is psychology like I would not even say customer psychology I would just say human psychology so if you can if you know how to communicate to the other person so for example if I’m talking to you and if I can just find out what is of value for you and if I know how to communicate that in an authentic matter I would really say that is like if you can put like sales in one slick formula that’s what it will be because and under customer psychology what comes most prior like most broadly is that you cannot you like if you are trying to push people don’t want to be pushed you don’t want to be pushed I don’t want to be pushed if I’m pushing you to do something what is your natural instinct yeah – perfect yeah however what if I am 100% comfortable with myself and I’m exploring your problem as if it’s my problem and I’m presenting the solution just letting you know this is what happens it’s like me telling you hey it’s raining outside if you have this umbrella it’s gonna prevent you from raining you’re gonna be like and then I shut up I’m gonna be like oh yeah I like to have that umbrella yeah I think it’s that’s when perfecting its respecting their intelligence that they don’t really need to be told what to do because they always want to remain in power and they they want to make the right choice and I think what when they wouldn’t they ask for like lots of bits like we will do it ourselves when we’re on the buying end of the equation we’re always asking for like we’re growing our options yeah and you know we want to make sure that we make the right decision right um so that’s why I wanted to like I wanted your perspective on like being yourself but also being a commercially viable and make it making sense commercially no because it’s all I’m guessing some viewers might watch and think yeah but I’ve tried being myself before and I ended up getting friend-zoned like by the prospect and just like well you know you have a really great guy but I’m not paying you for yeah yeah after that kind of how to to that delicate balance of like not getting friendzone by the prospect but actually then respecting you as someone who can really take them where they’re looking to go but at the same time not you know not being pushy and not being it manipulative but still being yourself so let’s just address some people who are listening to this let’s say they are following the script and let’s say they’re feeling all these pain points that we were talking about like feeling drained not closing enough deals like just chasing chasing chasing continuously like they’re not making the impact that they want and they want to take much more of like an authentic approach where they don’t really have to do much to those people it to be very realistic right it’s not going to be like one day you can wake up and just be like I got it because you know have you ever played golf by the way golf go actually go I prayed I played crazy go crazy go okay okay I have never played golf but this is like analogy that I’ve heard from some people playing golf like let’s say you’re trying to like what do you call it the victim the the hole where you pop the pot the pot I think it’s okay so let’s say you’re trying to get the ball in the pot yeah you have to if you are like while you’re practicing what’s one thing that’s gonna happen is first you’re just gonna be like and then it’s gonna go almost in there and then you’re like or a little more Oh little went over and then you practice you practice and basically at some point you just give me that you’re gonna hit right the spot so when you practice is what’s gonna happen for most people is first you’re like you know what I gotta be more of myself and that is when you get friendzone and I just wanted to let them know that you guys know that it’s totally fine to like mess it up the first few times because we are here for long run you don’t want it you’re not gonna be tomorrow you know you’re not gonna be like all strange like the day after tomorrow that’s not the point that’s not the point and it’s also like you develop as a person as you move forward this so focus on one thing at a time so when you first start more being yourself and try to communicate authentically yes you will be friendzone and that’s when you have to adjust it because I also don’t wanna people who say that like you know is it I get friendzone I also don’t want to make them feel like oh it’s just like one small just when you have to do and everything will you know it’s not like that you know you want to be honest with people it’s a little bit more than that so you will be your friend zone and that’s when you have to like do this analysis that ok what did I what happened you can record your calls and you can be like okay what happened I was a little bit too much of myself um and that’s fine but what happened is I forgot I missed the other part I forgot the prospect and then in the next call maybe you can kind of like go a little bit into that and then if you feel like you’re going a little bit too much in that direction come back here come back here and just think there’s one thing that comes to mind for me is that like the actual problem-solution part of this conversation has to be the centerpiece like if you know if you strip it to its bare bones because that’s really what makes people hand over their their money and it’s buying their solution and so they people will buy even if they’re not a hundred percent connected with the self as if they really need it and they really really believe that that person is offering something that is is better than everything else and they’re going to buy it Funland I think while keeping that at the centerpiece having elements there of your own personality is what’s going to it’s going to allow you to convert more of those consultations and sales appointments to to pain customers but also if when you’re selling services it’s a it’s different to selling products because if you’re selling a service right a lot the way that we’re taught in sales is that so you clip when what after you’ve closed it’s finished pretty much if you’re selling products that’s true it’s pretty much that journey is ended right good you know they’ve got what they need right but then when it’s services you’re going to now pass through the beginning that’s now you are in a relationship with that person that’s gonna be long-term so um yeah could you talk about yeah yeah that’s all different so I think when you are selling a service you can’t fake it that’s the thing you know you cannot fake it um okay I’m just gonna use an example of like a marriage if you wanna like if you meet someone and you if you if you know my you’re thinking oh I like to see where it goes and maybe one day you’d like to get married and when I get married then I’m gonna be myself you better stop right now you can let the other person you can inspire the other person to be themselves so that you can like what’s happening right now it’s not gonna be that much different from what’s gonna happen in the future you’re still gonna be like I already saw the core of this person so if you were selling a service especially and if you are trying to just pull it off like just I’m just gonna get with the get over with this 45 minutes call it close the deal and then I’m done done for life no you are never done sure t to be the best version of yourself and the best salesperson that you can possibly be so that is closing the deal when you have so many a service is just a starting point yes and I think added to that as well because something just came to mind when you when you were talking is that giving yourself permission to not to not sell or to not accept everyone like that’s a big thing and I know really like the origin of that problem is is marketing because it’s it’s having enough people to speak with and and getting your message out there in the right way to bring about having to get into conversations with people are most likely to get on with your service and get on with you yeah yeah but then like yeah just that that giving yourself that permission to say okay well this doesn’t seem like a good fit for for us so it’s okay it’s okay for us not to get this sound mm-hm could you talk about that yeah I would like to use like a normal example um and I think this is gonna like drive this point on let’s say let’s say I am the CEO of a push-up bra company okay so what I do is I saw push-up bras how stupid it is for me to cross with you You Know Who am I supposed to talk to like I don’t have like there’s no point in us having a conversation for me to sell your push-up bra yeah yeah Who am I gonna talk to you females what kind of theme is preferably you know what I would not want to focus on like a female that is like 75 year old going to 80 years old and my trying hard sell her you have to buy this listen it’s silicone material I worked so hard for it please like and if you think about it in that way and because here’s the thing when you when I talk about like the pressure processing people can be like yeah of course that makes total sense you know but what happens is when it comes to like a normal service where you have like a lead coming in you think that everyone who gets in my pipeline has to be like a clothes and this is a person that I will work with yeah and when you okay here’s the thing when you have that mentality what’s gonna happen is you are not going to put in a focus on who actually matters and you are not gonna customize your communication it’s like when you know how to communicate with what product you’re selling and if you can be the best communicator you can with that and this is a beauty of it without putting much effort into it by keeping things very simple and basic your target market is gonna recognize it so let’s use an example of a push-up bra see if I am running Facebook ads for push-up bras and you know like I’m push it like if this video would have like a keyboard titled a bra I would be targeting females between 18 and I don’t know 40 years old for example and I don’t need to hard sell them on it they would see that and be like oh that’s it the message resonates with me and but that is marketing and what I’m talking about what we’re talking about here is more in the sales context where when you communicate based on like what you’re offering and who you want to help then that person will resonate and that’s it that’s how you would like uncover your target market and you know this life is gonna be easy sales is going to be like a walk in the park from that moment for you know it’s well articulated and I think as well what is a big important point that a lot of people a lot of business development programs kind of maybe miss out or distort in a ways being too focused on numbers because that problem weighs like all right now they’re in my funnel now I’m gonna have to you know that back basically means that I’m gonna sell all of them and and they all need so they all really want my service is too focused on numbers and and when you when you take out the human element there that’s that’s what ends up happening is you you get too worked up about I need to convert this amount of people or you know I need I need to walk away with this amount of sales and you lose the the human aspect of it right and you know that actually reminded me of the whole concept of a one call close gave me talks around that all of it yeah good yeah and when you go into a call and if you think I have 45 minutes and this is where everything matters my entire life entire sales journey is dependent on this 45 minutes how likely are you gonna mess it up pretty likely right yeah and when I told you about like you know when I was following these scripts and everything I was taught that you know you gotta be closing in one and this is man you know I heard things like when someone says like oh I want to think about it it actually means that it’s a no and this is what I really thought for a long time and I acted on it and guess what when I believe then when someone says let me think about it no no it wasn’t no but when I did not believe that it was not an oh and they got doctor me and I am so glad regardless of every advice that I received I went with my gut and I took a more of like I don’t want to say a long-term approach but more like if you just and this is kind of like hard to put into words like in those 45 minutes that is a time for you to find out the problem present a solution have a conversation create the comfort and then you step back you what you did is you basically I wrote a post about it yesterday you basically like bought a horse next to the river and the smart ones they’re gonna drink the water and the ones who are not smart they’re gonna walk away and then there are gonna be the ones who don’t feel that smart right now that you’re just gonna hang her on there but guess what at some point because you did a great job before they’re gonna come back to the river next nextdoor or not Trinity you know what as well I’m thinking back to my career as well a lot of the best sales like the ones with zero price objections like paying on highest buying the highest priced services we offered at the time was because of how excellent they thought you know the conversation went a year ago they do someone else and then is they didn’t work out proper well they weren’t happy they weren’t satisfied they didn’t get what they were promised out that conversation and so they came back to me like a year later that that contract expired and they were like yeah we want to go with you yeah right super important to play the long game exactly what you said but also at the same time as well you don’t wanna you don’t you want to make sure because I know there’s some people that may interpret that to mean well just you know don’t don’t ask for the order don’t ask the set you want to make sure that you do whatever you can within that hope to reach a conclusion to reach a decision but you want to keep the door open always for that person to return back when when you know if something didn’t work out or they change their mind or whatever to come back to because I know what happens a lot of time is when we get well we get insecure we when we get needing we start judging the prospect like yeah and you know he can’t make up his mind and so we we communicate that that judge eNOS we communicate that and and just like it leaves your pond with a bad taste in their mouth it’s like yeah I don’t think I’m ever gonna go back to that guy again and now yeah when you try to manufacture this pressure as well it’s like you close the door for any further communication forever yeah and that could have been a perfectly great sale you know further down the road yeah see I that this is a reason way like I got this message from a guy the other day he’s saying that hey J thanks um sorry for getting back to you so late I’m ready to place order and I had a great conversation in the last time and I was at the gym and I was thinking I actually don’t remember maybe I spoke to him I think so I mean I speak to so many people you forget you know I’m just so focused on like just providing like value and helping that person that when I’m part of that conversation that is completely erased from my head and another thing is um when and this is the reason why working on yourself as a person is so important and we were actually talking about the last time writing I feel like a lot of people they spin their wheels when it comes to sales because they learn it like and other analytical skills like Facebook at Google Adwords and all that stuff and think that you have to learn sales the same way you learned that and that is just for so far from the truth there’s a lot of human aspect to it and a lot of these things in sales I was trying to write an e-book the other day and I was having difficulties to writing because I’m like men actually if you’re on that if you like over time if you’ve become natural at doing it right it’s so hard to unpack into a formula or produce enough because we’re dealing with human beings it because even like a lot of the people who learn sales training is that they want to know that perfect lines to say and the exact process but the problem is is that like that that one line may work sometimes but then for if you’re speaking to a different like a completely different demographic a different market a different person but about like the line that turn people on in one market is the same line that’s going to completely offer someone in another market so you really need to develop emotional intelligence and be be able to feed off of that other person’s energy and and learn you know it’s one of those things where you literally just can’t sit down and you know like you’d study mathematics right you can you can I think this is a hardest part and I honestly believe that a lot of sales trainers in the world I feel like they get this concept you’re talking about but the reason why they teach techniques and lines is because they feel like how else am I gonna teach this stuff I don’t know how to do it and I feel like and this is like one of my goals that I have that I wanted to find out a way to like actually teach the stuff with like very little effort and understanding that like you know just really like trying it and implement this mindset and one thing that really like a look a line that comes into my mind is being the most engaged and the least attached boom and if you don’t have a passion to help human beings how on earth is someone gonna do that you know like you need to have that interest for human being so like I would say man like because okay let’s say okay even let’s say your calendar is booked up with calls all the time and let’s say you’re every day like for six hours straight here on the call you can only practice sales in that six hours okay let’s say you’re doing the Facebook ads for six hours you can only practice Facebook ads for that six hours if you’re in sales you are at an advantage because you can practice sales all the time like every like awakening like a wait woman you are like when you’re in the grocery store everyone you can always implement the stuff and when you do that there’s not like and this is another thing but you cannot there’s no you cannot do sales you first see people have to transcend that mentality you cannot do sales you have to become this person there’s no like I’m so I feel so comfortable in sales cause like I always like telling myself that it’s impossible for like a prospect to call me out why because there’s nothing to be called out on like you can expose me expose me on what it’s like there’s nothing to be explosive and everything is on the table yeah and when you’re coming from that place it’s like true service mentality and this is like as I said the secretary of the universe Cadillac will see the staff and you’re just like I think you know I think you’ve articulated perfectly I think there’s so much more as well that can be spoken about unpacked that literally there’s just if that was a case we’d never stop so I think it’s time to call it to a completion and thank you so much you’re doing an incredible sport I myself have learned a lot from this classroom and yeah it’s really great and so anybody watching this who may want to learn more about what you’re up to and where would you sign post them to yeah so if you guys watching this if you enjoy this and if you started thinking about sales in a different way if you want to take the pressure completely off and if you just want to focus on a small circle on what matters and not just to be like a great salesperson but like to be a great communicator to be a great to make your experience on this earth like much more peaceful experience then um you’ll be tagging me in this post so just go on my profile and you in my profile you will see a Facebook group so I’m a Facebook group so just click join um I am going to literally be like put my brain out everything that I know about this stuff and my goal is to like spread this moment my goal is to make sales like I want to simplify sales for life for everyone that let this never be a problem again let like I don’t want anyone to do sales I want everyone to be a sales person and I would love to be the person to teach you that so just click on my profile anyway so authentic sales training academy is the name of his page yeah awesome so it’s been so incredible I could have these motivations like all day every day but thank you thank you so much today and yeah I think that’s everything um so yeah so everyone watching I hope you gained so much from this conversation and yeah I’m gonna be putting aj Schenker’s details in the description and so yeah that’s all it’s about guys it’s it’s really about bringing your own humanity to the conversation and when you do that in a natural holistic way you end up making more sales than people will buy higher priced products and services when you’re not pressurizing them and when you’re not making it so yeah so awkward and so yeah it’s a weird so that’s that’s all it is essentially create this buying environment and people will buy all right so hope you gain massive insights from this from this conversation and we look forward to serving you even deeper so thank you so much take care

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