When someone tells me “I don’t like selling”

When someone tells me “I don’t like selling”

That’s not what they usually mean.

When we begin sailing upstream for clarity, we reach something that resembles this:

“I don’t want to argue, convince and push people to buy from me.”

That’s more accurate.

And when we take a look where they picked up the idea that this is “how it’s done”

We find many examples ranging from actual business training to first-hand negative buying experiences.

Here’s the thing:

Even though, my business is based on teaching “sales”,

I would rather squander time watching a replay of whatever’s broadcast on channel 2 @ 11:30am on a weekday

then have to wake up every day believing I had to “convince” people into working with me.

Let me reassure you:

You don’t have to do this to get clients.

If you’ve innocently picked this up, and you’re hoping there’s a better way,

then you should definitely check out my SAFETY model.

It’s different.

It’s based on age-old principles on “how people buy” instead of “how to sell”.

it’s designed to be a “conversation” in the same way you would interact with anyone you trust.

And it doesn’t involve bossing anyone around into hiring you.

Check out how it works in the training video I created.

Click here to access the training.


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