If the ice-cream van didn’t ring its chime

“What a shame it would be if the ice-cream van didn’t ring its chime?”

That was a thought that occurred to me at my desk while hearing the loud and distinct melody reverberate through the streets again yesterday.

(Side note: I just learned it’s a 16th century English folk song called “Greensleeves”: how random is that?)

Think about it though, if the jingle didn’t ring, no one would benefit from mouth-watering ice-cream on a hot summer’s day.

That would be a disservice to so many people on so many levels.

And this doesn’t just apply to your local Mr. Whippy, it’s also the case for every business:

We all need to ring our chime.

That’s what marketing’s all about.

What’s fascinating is that the overwhelming majority of professionals who turn to me for help share the same problem:

They simply aren’t playing their chime (enough).

In fact, many haven’t even switched the engine on and pulled out of the driveway.

This manifests as doing little to no activity to share what they do and offer help to those who need it.

If you can relate to their sentiments, here’s my advice to them (and now to you):

Take the liberty to play your chime in the best way you know how.

+ If you’re doing that and it’s not working (or as well as it should), watch this training video that I created and you’ll start to find out about getting that changed.

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