Is this more important than being KLT’d?

You’ve probably heard of KLT?

Short for “know, like and trust”.

Many Marketers swear by it.

It’s said your prospects should feel this way about you in order to buy.

And while there’s no denying how important it is to be seen in this regard,

They are not prerequisites for making sales like a lot of people say they are.

Here’s a simple litmus test:

How many of the hundreds, if not thousands of people in your network that you KLT, have you ever bought something from?

A handful, maybe a little more or less? How so?

Sometimes you may even choose to buy from someone that isn’t so close to home.

For example, you might want to avoid risking a relationship due to the product/service failing to meet your standards.

The point is not to get distracted from what actually makes people buy, due to a myopic focus on getting KLT’d.

The priority should be to solve the right problems; if you can do that, people will buy.

KLT will give you the edge when a prospect is deciding between almost-identical options.

In that case, of course, it’s easier to go with the provider that they most connect with.

But not without first ensuring the problem and solutions match.

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