It’s praiseworthy to hone your craft

You’re right.

Expertise is very important.

And it’s praiseworthy to hone your craft.

To constantly get better, and do better.

Learning is here to stay.

There’s infinite depth to your field.

As is the case with any subject.

But, be careful.

Not to do so, at the expense of your income.

You’re a business owner now!

That means, there are two skills to focus on:

The skill of delivering an amazing service,

And the skill of getting clients.

Both go hand in hand.

Focus on the former, and you’ll have lot’s to offer, but no-one to offer it to.

Focus on the latter, and you’ll have a waitlist of disappointment.

This isn’t either/ or,

You need both.

So if you’ve been neglecting “sales” in your pursuit of professional excellence,

Then, I invite you to the other half.

Where you can finally put theory to practice,

And start solving real problems for real people,

Starting with the consequences of them not hiring you.

This training I recently recorded explains it all;

Profit from it here, when you put it to work:

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