The Key To All the Sales You Want

In this video you’ll discover what’s really behind underwhelming results in business. If you’re finding it really tough to sign-up new clients or grow your business and keep asking yourself “why’s this so hard?”, this video will explain the answer.

What’s covered:

  • Why the best scripts, courses and training programs won’t work if you leave this unchecked
  • Why you keep hearing the same objections and face the same obstacles over and over
  • How to make client acquisition much easier and more frequent without increasing activity


in this video you’re going to learn the key to all the sales you want and the price points that you want and the business that you want this is really the key to it and it may seem really counterintuitive because you’re probably right now blaming the marketplace or blaming the prospects maybe you’re thinking or if I could just find prospects that value me or value my service if I could just find prospects that cannot afford it if I could just find if I can find people that just are willing to pay large amounts of money for my service then I’ll be I’ll be really good or if the rules were more lenient then I’ll be thriving or if people were not so stubborn and just accepted my service and accept it and work decided to work with me then I’d be thriving I’d have a successful business and I’d make all the cells I could ever want because it’s it’s so-and-so spot and it’s those people’s faults and the truth is sadly although it’s the easiest thing to blame others it’s not the key to all the sales you can one is three letters it’s you it’s it starts with you and it ends with you because if you are hoping for the world to change in order for you to change then it’s never going to happen it will always be there’ll always be immense amounts of problems and there always be tough landscapes and environments to operate under and there’ll always be human beings that are stubborn and there’ll always be objections and they’ll always be things that are not desirable in in all times okay there’s not a time waste everything is perfect and lined up perfectly so the question becomes how what what is it about what is it about me that’s generating these results what’s what needs changing what needs improving what means what needs to what needs to shift within me so I can experience those results and let me first explain how these results come about like how is it that you keep finding the same challenges show up for you how is it you keep seeing objections the same objections over and over and over and over again and why is it that people don’t sign up why is it that you can’t seem to enroll the clients that you want to enroll why are all these why is it such a why is it so hard why is all this so hard alright let me show you how it what’s working like what’s that play is is this right all right this is just human beings in general right it will take about 3 it will take about like this is based on a book that I’ve read a sales book that says and I don’t know what how they’ve found this out this research but basically the average person says five knows before they can get to a yes all right so let’s suppose yes is here the average person will say no no no no no five times they’ll make five nodes to your request before saying yes and so you might you might say you might try and do the sale or make a sale and enroll a client and you may get to the point where you ask for the sale you know you might end it by the way if you’ve got that fine you’ve actually asked for that if you actually asked for the sale you are 80% of ahead of everyone else in the marketplace because most these are statistics by the way eighty percent of sales are left on the table because because the actual person selling doesn’t actually ask them sell right those are statistics apparently that 80% so if you’ve even asked for the sale you are 80% ahead of everybody everyone else in in this activity right so congratulations on even asking but that that’s not enough for most cases and most people and prospects because you’ll get to a point where you know you ask for the sale and maybe like 1 out of 20 people that you speak with at the first ask or say yeah I’m all-in yeah majority of cases majority of prospects will not say yes on the first ask ok they will not say yes on the second ask or the third a score the fourth ask or even on the fifth ask they’ll be after the fifth after that they’ll get to the yes so what that means is if you are somebody who is right now if you have commitment challenges all right if you if you don’t complete things if you are somebody who lacks persistence and patience and you start lots of things that don’t finish them you’ll probably have a tough and challenging time for making sales because you know you’ll need to really persist on these on these obstacles right you’ll need to persist in these obstacles and you’ll see these obstacles in your prospects and if you can’t overcome them for yourself in a lot of areas so maybe you had an intention to run a marathon and on day one you probably did some practice on day two and day three you probably thought well so that this isn’t this is too hard I’m gonna quit so if you are somebody who does this where you start and just and quit and you feel cool you’re always quitting before you before you complete thing you’ll see that challenge in enrolling clients because you’ll just make it okay for them at the very first obstacle that they present you just make it okay and just like okay no problems because that’s something you do all the time whenever something gets a little bit challenging you you kind of just give up and quit and you don’t see it through to completion you don’t give yourself that push you don’t you don’t have that resilience to keep going and persist in anything and so you’ll see that play out when it comes to enrollments in that way and what’s the way to fix that is really be congruent is by by training back into yourself that you begin completing things you begin you don’t just start and stop you start and see it through to completion and then finish and you have persistence and you keep going even when it’s tough even when it may seem like there are no signs of the results you’re looking for if you just keep at it then you’ll see that you know you’ll actually lead places you go you get a results you’re seeking over a long enough time period but that’s one thing you can do and that’s just one element in which you are limiting your success in sales by by this particular this particular attitude that you’re carrying right now so that’s one so changing that about yourself improving that about yourself becoming a more patient person becoming a more persistent person will help you make more sales another place in sales where you can really get in your own way and just not get the results you’re looking for is when it comes to money and when it comes to buying things for yourself if you’re trying to increase your feelings if you’re oops let’s go this one right now if your fees are you know at this level and you are trying to take them up to this level right and overtime you want to keep increasing them you know you want them you want more profits you want more money you want more income you want more you want more money and the problem is when you start asking for it from prospects so you’re in a sales conversation you ask for that fee if you’re somebody who probably wouldn’t pay it if you’re somebody who thinks well that is that’s an insane amount of money or I’d never buy that or that’s really expensive you just see that play out with the reaction your prospect gives because it’s in net it’s almost inevitable when you speak it out and when you say your fee in that way you also carry the message that well this is really expensive and you and it may even show up in your in your tonality and the voice in the way that you speak your fee you might say well the fee is but I do you much you probably you you couldn’t even see it through to come like you couldn’t even say the sentence without making an exception on making an apology because to you right now that’s that’s how you measure up value when you see other things in the marketplace you might think that defeat the fee that you like you if you never buy something at that rate then you’re not making that you’re not drawing that conclusion that it’s a no-brainer for people to buy it that rate so the solution there again falls back to you is how can you make it how can you make it a part of you how can you train that into yourself to start being okay with those sums of money and how can you start making it look normal for you to charge the rates that you want to charge by buying by think by going out in the marketplace by being a purchased by being a buyer at the level that you’re trying to sell for that’s immediately going to bring consistency and integrity and congruence because you’re not trying to exceed what you know to be the case and true for what you think things are worth another way in which we constantly sabotage our attempt at and compromise our success in sales is our manner how we behave with others and you know how how we treat others because that’s a huge one if you if you are unable to speak in a polite way and to and to welcome people and to have conversations with them then you are and if you yourself don’t have conversations with people and you yourself block off all opportunity and you are summe you are somebody who really really says no to everything then you will see that play out with your prospects you will see your prospects say no to you all the time and it was just sharp with the way with the way that you speak with them and approach them because you’re putting you’re probably thinking they’re gonna say no they’re gonna say no why do you think that way because that’s what you do you say no to everyone everyone you say no to everything you and so the only way to change that is it game back to yourself no strategies no tactics or techniques are gonna fix that for you they’re gonna solve that they’re not gonna resolve that you may find that you have training books and materials and resources and you just can’t seem to make things happen you just can’t seem to get past it and the way always to solving all these problems is first look inside is use in the example of saying no to everybody look inward and see how can I improve that part about myself how can I start saying yes more often yes to more opportunities yes to yes to people how can i how can I invite people how can I welcome people how can I be more open to people you know and by new training that into yourself by you making that a part of yourself and in cultivating those qualities you will see that it plays out easily when it comes to enrollments when it comes to sales because now it becomes more effortless because you don’t have to try so hard you know because it’s it’s way more effortless it’s way more natural for someone to say yes for you to get someone to say yes because you’re somebody who says yes all the time so it’s just very congruent and it’s very natural and much easier and authentic so the way is really down to you you are responsible for the results you see in in in your life and so the way to experience them the way to see them into fruition is really cultivating those qualities within yourself now if you don’t know what qualities to cultivate in yourself then that’s another conversation and ultimately that’s to the importance of having somebody who does know the qualities required in order for you to get the success that you’re looking to achieve in any given field and activity so if you like this video and you’d like to cultivate those qualities and you’d like to improve yourself and change yourself and train into yourself the qualities and the the attitudes that are going to help you win in the activities of sales are going to help you make more of them and get the results that you’re seeking for and get success in that area then I invite you to a video training that I put together which is the first step on your journey and I’m going to be putting the link in the description either above or below depending on where you’re seeing this video check that out first and I will see you on the other side take care

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