This 1 Essential Quality Will Lead to More Sales

There’s one quality that’s indispensable in making more sales. Without it, you’ll find new business opportunities develop, but never really seem to go anywhere.

In this video you’re going to learn what it is, and why it’s so essential for you to succeed at client enrollment and growing your business.

What’s covered:

  • Why cultivating this quality will result in more sales, more often
  • The #1 reason businesses get stuck, fail, or remain small and the solution
  • The connection between “I need to think about it” and this quality (understanding this will help you close more sales)


what’s the one quality you need to a got in order to increase your sales here you go leadership leadership what do I mean by leadership well leadership is where you actually help somebody who is in need to go somewhere the essence of being a leader is really going somewhere is his movement is traveling is moving forward okay that’s what leadership is and where things go wrong where mistakes are made where problems occur in sales processes is there is no leadership there’s nowhere to go there’s no destination from the seller the salesperson the service providers perspective they don’t really end up doing anything so I put they reach right to the edge they go right to the edge and then they leave it they just leave it you know that there’s no leadership there’s no completion and that’s sadly where you’ll hear a lot of the closing right which closing is essentially just being a leader is really just saying now we’ve reached this conclusion are you in or are you out that’s all it is okay so essentially there’s there needs to be this completion you in order for you to actually go ahead and make the sell and make the orders you can’t what ends up happening when you don’t do this is you end up doing this which is what do you want to do so this person says what do you want to do and the other one says I don’t know what do you want to do and then this one says what do you want to do and this one says I don’t know what do you want to do and so there’s no advance there’s no movement forward there’s no moon ahead and that’s where the problems occur there’s a stagnation or nobody knows what the heck they should be doing next and it’s not really up to them it’s not really up to your prospect they’ll make the decision but you have to guide them and lead them to even reach a conclusion of decision that needs to be the story needs to be resolved in some way there needs to be a completion some way and so that’s where a lot of the problems occur is when there’s just this stagnation because the cells provide Acela it’s not taken the advanced and if that’s you and you’re not taking advice you’re not moving the cell to to reach a conclusion is it happening or is it not happening I need to know because we’re you hear all the all the typical objections and stalls that’s basically just delayed decisions I need to think about it I don’t know yet I’m not sure I can’t move forward I need to speak with more people like all that it’s just stalling all that is stagnation all of that is just keeping things still they’re not moving they’re not heading anywhere they’re not reaching a conclusion they’re just left there it’s like a person who’s gathered a lot of papers on their desk and they’re not processing any of it that’s how you create a mess that’s and that’s typically what happens in sales appointments and sales processes and businesses that don’t have effective leadership so if you’re looking at this you’re watching this video and you’re wondering well this may have been insightful for me because I realize that I’m doing too much of that a lot and it’s inevitable that if you’re doing it your prospects will definitely pick up on that and they’ll be doing it too because you’ve made it okay for them to leave everything in limbo so you want to be reaching conclusions you want to be reaching completions you want to be getting to a decision okay so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you like this training video and you’d like more helpful tips resources and awesome guidance on how you can increase your sales conversion rates to as much as 80% on your image free consultations and have a lot more fun doing it go ahead and check out this link I’ve put a really in-depth training video showing you the steps that you need to take in order to make that a reality so go ahead check that out and I look forward to seeing you in the next video that’s what I got for you today take it I like

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