This 1 Skill Will Help You Close More Sales

In this video you’ll discover the key skill that will help generate all the sales you could want. By the end, you’ll know how this unpopular approach to sales will maximise your effectiveness and get you on the right side of a buying decision more often.

What’s covered:

  • Why saying the perfect words at the perfect time isn’t the most important factor in landing sales
  • Why our mental state during the appointment is so critical to getting results we want
  • How “loudness” can sabotage the outcomes of the appointment and what to do about it


how’d you close more sales without ever really needing to close them well the way to do it is have your prospect naturally reach the conclusion that you’re the person best suited to solve their problems and the way it works is not how we’re often taught to do it we’re often taught to do it by saying the right things at the right time getting everything nailed down and perfect and that’s true to some degree you do need to find good words to use and you do need to communicate effectively really well but that’s not the main thing you need to master in order to have people naturally inclined to choose to work with you really what you want to be doing the most and lasting the most is listening okay listening that’s my attempt at drawing an ear okay you want to be listening okay because listening is the only it’s the only way we have to know what’s truly coming on for your prospect and you you want to approach the appointment with quiet with a quiet mind with a quiet mind with the still mind because your prospect usually has a very loud mind when they come to the appointment because they’ve got they’re going through problems and challenges and setbacks which they’re unable to solve because if they could have solved it themselves they probably wouldn’t be in an initial consultation with you or sales appointment with you discussing how you can help them so they usually have a very loud mind and so if you also have a very loud mind when you’re when you’re in contact with them when you’re going for an appointment you’ll never hear each other you’ll never come to you will never come to an agreement or even a resolution or you’re unable to solve the problem okay there’s actually a famous Einstein quote that I’ve literally just remembered through saying this which is we can’t solve the problem something like we can’t solve the problem with the same line that created the problem we have to be a step ahead or several steps ahead to solve problems and so if you come to the appointment with a very loud mind fall to the brim of firefighting in your business full to the brim of I need to pick up the kids at or fall to the brim of I really really really need this sale if I don’t get this sale then these you know we won’t be able to meet expenses we won’t be able to finance how supplies we won’t be able to do this and so if you approach sales appointments with the very loud mind it won’t it won’t work you’re not listening to that the appointment the sales appointment is it’s for them the sales appointment is for your prospect they’re the ones who are going it’s their decision that they’re making it’s not your decision I mean obviously there is a decision on your part to whether you choose to accept this assignment of helping them but ultimately it’s give them their chance give them their space to talk and to tell you what’s going on for them and everyone will tell you you need to say you need to talk you need to they’ll say the gift of the gab is the way to close more sales the gift of the gab and you just need to say lots of great stuff lots of great positive statements and this is a very very different approach and you’re probably listening to this and watching this thinking either this guy is completely mad or he actually has something valuable to share so that’s what I’ve got for you today it’s really it’s returning to quiet having a quiet mind and listening listening to what’s really going on for your prospect because it’s only in listening do you actually know where to move forward ok so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you liked this video and you’d like more helpful tips resources and training to help you get the most out of every sales appointment convert as much as 80% on your initial free consultations then head over to this link I’ve put a very valuable training video showing you the steps in order to increase your sales by as much as 80% conversion rates upon your initial and free consultation so that’s what I’ve got for you today look forward to seeing you in the next video take care

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