How To Start LOVING Sales in 10 minutes…

In this video you’ll discover how to see “selling” in an entirely different light and learn how it’s possible to LOVE the activity, even if it’s the least enjoyable thing to do in your business.

What’s covered:

  • Why avoiding the inevitable and “delegating” sales activity can slow down or even reverse business growth
  • The solution that virtually eliminates the need to persuade and convince prospects to work with you
  • The mindset shift that will motivate you to sell your services more and more if you’re someone who loves to help people


in this video you’re going to learn how to maximize your effectiveness in sales by loving the process you might be thinking how can loving the process impossible I hate selling is the most unenjoyable experience throughout my entire business building and I’d rather avoid it at all costs and if that’s you then just bear with me because by the end of this video I’m hoping that you’re gonna see this activity an entirely different light and you’re going to ultimately start loving sell it believe it or not okay here’s why because if you’re avoiding the activity at all costs for a start there’s no way your business can grow alright you might say okay I’ll delegate it to somebody who can close deals on my behalf but then if you don’t have great experience doing it how are you able to measure somebody else’s performance on the activity how are you going to give them the training and guidance and support to make sure that they’re not over-promising or make sure that they’re selling in alignment with your brand and how you do things okay it’s not really going to be effective and it happens all the time another thing is if you really want to do well in business every almost every entrepreneur out there has said you need to learn this skill you need to learn this activity well because without it it’s literally impossible to grow and to add more clients and to add more revenue you might be relying on referrals right now just because you hate selling conversation but even in referrals there still involves a conversation and with referrals it’s a really unpredictable way of generating business because for a start you can’t control the outcomes of that you can’t literally say that you’ll do X amount of activity and pop out X amount of referrals that you can with paid advertising you can measure that more effectively so inevitably it’s super important that you develop your skills in sunny for the virtue of your business building and for the virtue of your business growing and expanding and and developing but how can you love the activity that’s something which a lot of people aren’t able to do even the ones that tend to be effective at it they kind of do it begrudgingly they behave or act in a way that they dislike the activity and so it’s kind of just like a chore how can you change sales from being a chore to being enjoyable well here’s one way notice that with sales it provides an excuse to be in front of new people so immediately there there’s a huge benefit of learning somebody’s problems and challenges from scratch each new time there’s very few excuses that we have in the modern day to learn about somebody’s challenges like that for a very good reason and it’s it’s an excellent way of getting to know new people with a huge benefit at the end of it which is growing your business if they agree to what you’re selling so that’s one huge element there is that you’re learning your your increasing your network and you’re also increasing your social abilities and social skills because you’re meeting new people not everybody that you have a sales appointment with will end up in a client or a customer but if you connect with them on a really deep and intimate level then it’s very likely that they will either end up as a partner sometime down the road a friend and acquaintance or they may refer you people who will become clients and customers if you can get this right alright another thing I’d like to say about this is you don’t have to try so hard this is where a lot of people get caught up because they’ve learned how to do cells from a very intellectual place and so they try really really hard to convince people you want to get out of convincing mode because if you find yourself constantly convincing and persuading every single appointment that you’re in and it’s really hard because you really have to convince people to buy what you’re selling you have a prospect problem it’s not necessarily a sales effectiveness problem it’s a prospect problem it’s really choosing who you’re speaking with so it’s finding and identifying people are more likely to even buy what you’re selling all right so that’s it that’s one element there but if you’re trying so hard you’re probably not gonna do well if you’re if you’re really really trying to shake someone into seeing your value or recognizing your brilliance or joining your product or service and buying what you are you’re selling if you’re doing really hard and it’s just not work it’s not working it’s because you have these ideas that you’ve picked up that aren’t serving you very well because ultimately selling is never about pushing and convincing and persuading people to act outside of the interest it’s ultimately giving people what they want in exchange for something that you want all right which is if you’re in business income or money so really getting your mind right about what this whole process is about another thing is reframing rejection because this is what holds up so many people and makes the experience so unenjoyable is that they’ll spend their time connect we’re learning about somebody’s problems diagnosing it and then they’ll present a solution and ultimately the end of it that person either says no or you’re too expensive or I don’t like what you’re offering or so-and-so offers it cheaper and they get really disheartened and they get really shut down by that and take it personally and if you’re somebody who’s behaving that way and you’re interpreting all that to mean they’re rejecting me or they I put my heart and soul into this proposal I put my heart and soul into connecting with them and then they they rejected me they said no to me because they chose somebody else then if you’re thinking in that way if you’re interpreting it in that way of course you’re gonna be distraught every time you do sails upon it and you’re probably going to avoid more of them so you really want to separate the two because when it comes to strictly business a person and you being on the buying end all the time are always looking for the best deal you can get for yourself now best don’t always mean cheapest but a lot of the time prices are consideration and so if you keep losing deals and if you keep if you keep getting no and you have a long string of notes and you really are upset by that or you take that personally or you dislike that then you will sabotage your attempts at further sales appointments because you would just say it’s probably gonna end in a no you know you’ll end up learning or expecting nose all the time so if you refrain from I’m getting rejected personally too I’m a problem solver and I’m generous with solving problems for people and I’m gonna go through each person and present them with what I can do for them and show them how I can solve their problem over and over again if they say no to that really who are they really saying no to they’re saying no to themselves because they’re not having their problem solved so if you just reframe it in a way that makes much more sense for what’s truly going on then you will start enjoying the process a lot more another thing that’s going to dramatically increase your enjoyment of sales activity is recognizing the sales is the number one training ground or training room for personal development it’s a real world simulation to develop your character and to refine your character because in order for you to really excel and to really do well in sales you have to drop a lot of negative thinking you have to drop a lot of judgments that you hold about people and things you have to drop a lot of bad behavior bad habits you have to be at your best and you have to behave in the best way and you are forced to be trustworthy okay all these are absolutely essential for refining your counter and being the best human being you can be while also having the added benefit of being paid to do it so well so those who do the best in sales generate the most in revenue and generate the healthiest and abundant incomes because it’s so hard so if you liked this video and you’d like more helpful tips and guidance on how you can dramatically make the most of each one of your sales appointments and free consultations then check out the video training I put together I’ll put the link in the description either above or below depending on where you’re seeing this video it will show you how you can dramatically get the most out of each one of your free consultations and sales appointments and ultimately grow your business and a lot more natural fun and authentic way so I hope you’ve got immense benefit from this video and I’ll see you on the other side take care

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