What Marketers Didn’t Teach You About Sales

In this video you’ll discover the subtle distinction that’s on your prospect’s mind when entering a sales conversation with you that didn’t make it to most marketing classes.

Knowing this will make it much easier to convert sales without spending so much time “handling objections”.

What’s covered:

  • Where breakdowns in communication happen between prospect and service-provider that end up in lost time and sales
  • Why making your intentions clear from the start will separate you from everyone else and result in more sales
  • Why avoiding this tip will result in your prospect being uneasy throughout the call and ultimately say “no” to your offer


when you first learn marketing to grow your business they teach you one important concept that’s on your prospects mind and that’s the thing that’s going to keep them reading your material and eventually become a client or customer of yours which is what’s in it for me however what they don’t teach you and where a lot of the breakdowns happen in sales processes is one thing that’s missing in that statement which is what’s in it for you when it comes to sales this statement is more important than what’s in it for me and I’ll tell you why because when you have a free consultation with somebody you need to know what’s truly going on for that person in order to help them solve their problems and solve their challenges with your product or service and where a lot of the breakdowns happen is a person a prospect doesn’t really share what’s really going on for them so the salesperson or service provider ends up prescribing a solution to the wrong kinds of problems and inevitably it’s not inspiring enough for a person to say yes too and so the best analogy I can describe to help you understand what I’m talking about here is if you can see an oncoming vehicle and and there’s a crossroads and they don’t indicate so they don’t share with you their intentions of whether they’re turning left or whether they’re turning right your left and suspense and your mind is interpreting that as a potential danger and a threat because it’s unclear where they’re turning it’s unclear to you what their next steps is going to be and so what’s on your prospect prospects mind when they first reach a sales appointment with you or a free consultation is they’re constantly thinking about what’s in it for you what’s in it for you and if you don’t address this within the first five minutes that that repetitive thought of what’s in it for them what’s in it for you why is he asking me that’s quite these questions that’s all that’s going to be plaguing their mind over and over again what’s in it for you why is he asking me that’s why you asking to this and their concert gonna be wondering is this gonna is it you’re gonna pitch me you know am I gonna be pitched here why is he asking these questions so within the first five minutes you need to address that and make it super clear of your intentions and the way you do it is essentially just by saying listen I want to be asking you these questions for a very specific purpose and reason I want to find out what’s really going on fuse in order for me to really help you in order for me to really solve your problems and challenges and really help you achieve where you’re looking to go and just by you saying that and then making it clear that you know once I’ve heard what’s going on for you I’m going to present you with some solutions I’m going to be making the offer to you and you can decide what you want to do about it just saying that just literally saying that is going to immediately give that person relief because now they know your intentions now they know ah yeah this person okay um there’s a reason why he’s asking me all these questions and now they’re much more likely and much more inclined to give you the real information that’s going on for them in order for you to help them solve the specific challenge or achieve a certain outcome so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you like this idea if you like this concept and you’d like to you’d like more help to increase your conversion rates from every free consultation you do then go ahead over to this link I’m putting on the screen right now this is a free training video I put together that contains my best material that I’ve learned over 10 years in sales that’s going to help you implement increase your conversion rates for every sales appointment you do so you can end up walking away with more clients for every appointment you do alright so that’s what I’ve got for you today I hope you’ve got immense benefit I’ll see you in the next video take care

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