How to Build Massive Rapport with Prospects

In this video, you’ll discover what’s required in your free consultations to build a strong, authentic connection with your prospects. Getting rapport right will result in fewer objections and way more “yes”es on sales calls. What’s covered:
  • The mindsets and behaviours that turn prospects off and break rapport
  • Why “matching and mirroring” isn’t neccessary and can oftentimes work against you
  • The keys to establishing massive rapport with virtually anyone you come into contact with


in this video you’re going to learn how to build massive rapport with your prospects and you may be wondering why do I need to build rapport why is this even important and to that I’d say this if you don’t build rapport towards the front end of the appointment the chances are you will continue the conversation that may seem like it’s going well until you reach the back end of the appointment when it’s time to ask for a sell ask for the order I’ll make the next step and you will find that your prospect says no most of the time and you may be a little bit perplexed as to how that happened because everything seems like it was going well everything seemed like you were headed in the direction of making a sale and the reason is because you didn’t establish rapport you didn’t build rapport and rapport is something that you need to be interweaving throughout the entire appointment and I’ll tell you why it’s so important because without rapport you literally have no answers that are truly indicative of what’s going on for your prospects and you’ll have no attempt or no chance at handling objections because without rapport you can’t handle any objections without irritating that person and that prospect and for them to literally just vanish okay so here’s what you want to be doing the first tip I’ve got for you for establishing rapport is don’t do things don’t behave in a way that breaks rapport and what do I mean by that so there are a number of actions and activities and behaviors that you can demonstrate during your appointment that actually break rapport I’m going to list a few of them right now so here’s the first one Oh teria motive so what do I mean by ulterior motive essentially if you are asking questions for a reason other than the one you are sharing with them in your initial consultations the chances are you are going to break rapport what you want to be doing is making clear from the beginning of your appointment and throughout your entire appointment the reasons why you’re asking these questions and the reasons why it’s important for you to truly understand what’s going on for them if you have this underlying motive and agenda beyond what you’ve shared with them then the chances are you are going to break rapport dramatically so the next one is red flags so what you want to be doing is avoiding topics which raise red flags now sometimes you’ll find that there are certain topics which irritate your prospect or they have very strong opinions about that which may differ from yours and if you raise them and if you talk about them and they’re completely unrelated to you know the sale then the chances are you are going to break or pod dramatically so anything which is political or anything religious which people tend to have very very strong opinions about or strong beliefs about you want to avoid those topics you want to stick with the topics that are relevant to the sale and common ground with the other human being you’re singing in front of another one is selling now that might sound counterintuitive because this is a training video teaching you how to sell but selling essentially means don’t try to sell to your prospect selling actually breaks rapport and what I mean by that is talking at your prospect about how great you are how great your product or service is how great the testimonials are because ultimately your prospect doesn’t really care as much about all those things as they do care about their own problems getting solved so you don’t want to be throwing stuff at them and throwing information at them and talking at them about what why they should buy what you want to be doing instead is really getting to know more about them and what’s important to them or what they care about as opposed to selling because selling ultimately breaks rapport so another one I’ve got view is too much too soon so what does that mean essentially it just means that you want to be conscientious of not trying to outpace your prospect so whatever timing is right for them that’s when you want to be taking things forward to the next step because ultimately if you try to rush through the sale in order to get to the part that you care about which is making the sale and asking for the order and closing then you are going to dramatically break rapport because what you need to realize is will pour something that’s built and building things takes time so you want to be making sure that in the questions you ask and in your demeanor and in your behavior you don’t want to be rushing through or trying to burden your prospect by taking action which is beyond the timing of what’s right for them in that moment and the last one I’ve got for you is manufacturing rapport okay so why have I got that there well the thing is you never want to try and build rapport because the moment you try to build rapport you end up breaking rapport rapport isn’t something that you can manufacture and it’s not like a falling off switch where you can just press a button and be in rapport and press it again and be out of a pod rapport something that you build over time so you can’t just pretend to to try to build rapport doesn’t really work that way what you don’t want to be doing is pretending or making stuff up in order to be in rapport or making up facts mate or making up things about yourself or things that typically aren’t true about yourself or about situation or about the country or in or whatever it may be just because you think that that’s going to build rapport with them another thing to note here is that in sales training you’ve probably been told to match and mirror your prospect which essentially just means mimicking their behavior so if they’re you know they’re scratching their head you scratch your head now I do not like that all those sometimes these things can be beneficial and there have been some studies that show that you know you’re more likely to be liked by that person by mimicking them but the reason why I don’t recommend it for you is because if your prospects notices that you’re trying to mimic them and sometimes it can be very obvious then you are it’s gonna do far worse for report than mimicking ever would so it’s gonna break it pretty pretty hard and so what you want to be doing is avoiding trying to build rapport and just making up stuff to build rapport everything that you want to be doing throughout this process of building rapport needs to be true and natural so now it’s time to share how to build rapport and before I get to that there’s one concept which if you understand is going to dramatically increase the likelihood of you building rapport with pretty much anyone you come into contact with which is this let’s just suppose this represents you and this represents your prospect you know to human beings coming together what’s in between both of you and where you intersect in your behaviors your traits your life circumstances that’s where all the rapport is established that’s where all the report will be built if the things that you share in common is the things which you will naturally be able to accentuate in order to find common ground that’s where familiarity is that’s what we’re both of you can connect on on a very strong level and that’s where you can establish a bond with each other which is everything that’s similar everything that you share with and you will always find excuses to share common ground with people you know the fact that they’re a human being is something to show common ground with but essentially in this area is where all the rapport is established so here’s something that you can say and do to actually build rapport which is ask for more okay so let’s suppose it comes up naturally in the conversation that you’re having with your prospect that they’re apparent and they need to pick up their kids later on that day or maybe one of their children are unwell today and they’ve been bumped up or they’ve caught a flu or whatever it may be then that’s your opportunity to find some common ground if you’re a parent or maybe if you’re not a parent but you have somebody in your family sibling you have your niece or a nephew you can relate to children you can relate to children being bunked up and how tough it must be and so that’s an opportunity for you to just ask more like oh I’m interested in they’re like how old are they and what’s parenting like and so what you can do is just ask to learn more about that area and share your own personal experiences with that topic and that’s gonna help establish rapport okay and another tip I’ve got for you on building rapport is humor okay now humor is so absolutely essential to building rapport with your prospects and what’s sad is that if you if you’ve learned sales training in a professional context sadly you may have lost the the spirit of what the trainers and what the teachers are trying to get across because sometimes it gets lost in professionalism sometimes professionalism equals boring or professional profession ISM means you can’t joke around and be fun and so really what you want to be doing is is is is inducing and bringing in lots and lots of humor now and if you’re in front of somebody who is strictly business kind of prospect then this may you may want to turn this down a little but pretty much every human being loves to laughing love humor and if you are naturally finding something funny that they are naturally finding funny in the same appointment in the same context then you will dramatically increase rapport because it’s something that you there’s a shared perspective that you both have a funny look at and both look at in a funny way and that’s going to dramatically in prease the report that you share with each other and all this is ultimately going to help you make more sales because the more rapport you have and the more rapport that you interweave throughout your appointment is ultimately going to mean that your prospect is going to find more common ground with you share more about what’s truly going on for them because they believe that you genuinely care and you’re a human being about it and you will help them achieve what they’re looking to achieve so if you like this video and you like more resources to help you increase the amount of yeses you get out of each one of your sales engagements and appointments then check out the video training I put together I’ll put the link in the description either above or below depending on well seeing this video go ahead and check that out and I’ll see you on the other side take care

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