1 Essential Word to Make Sales Without Reducing Price

In this video you’ll discover the single-most important word when negotiating your fees. If you find yourself constantly discounting your fees or being price-matched, you’ll know why this is happening and what to do to stop it starting today. What’s covered:
  • The WORST response most service-providers make when asked to reduce their rate
  • How avoiding this word can result in YOU paying for sales out of your own pocket
  • A polite way to decline a bidding match that generates goodwill and will help secure the sale at the fee you ask


what’s the one word that’s indispensable in making sales happen at the fee that you set wanna know there you go two letters n oh no and you might be wondering how can that help me in getting the prices that I said how can that help me in getting the best out of every appointment and making more sales and the fees that I set well most people when they approach a negotiation or they get into a situation where the prospect is unhappy with with the fee unhappy with the terms is the very first thing they do is they say oh okay I’ll change that oh quickly I’ll go ahead and change that and that is the very worst thing you can do first performance because the message that you’re communicating is I just literally came up with these terms one day like these terms don’t mean much these fees don’t mean much I never really put much thought into these fees I never really planned these fees I never planned this business everything is just totally flexible and everything’s totally up in the air and okay yeah you want you all that check oh go ahead and change that you want that check go ahead and change it and so what what ends up happening is you see the bar keeps getting reduced lower and lower and lower and so if you ever find yourself in an agreement with somebody who says your prices too expensive and the very first thing you say to them is or how low do you need it to be and then you’ll find that this bar whatever you set your bar as let’s just say your bar was and they say I need it lower you’ll notice that no matter how low you keep going they’re never satisfied a lot of time a lot of the time and so this is a really terrible approach to get coming to an agreement in your sales appointments and getting the fees that you set so what you should be doing instead is basically just saying no now I don’t suppose you say I don’t suggest you say no outright hey like that because it can come across rude and distasteful but the gist of it is a note so there’s many different ways you can say note but the one I like is is to say that’s that’s not going to be possible so that won’t be fair or that won’t be fair for the people who have paid the price that that we’ve actually secured in the past so we can’t come to those kind of agreements or those terms aren’t agreeable to us I can’t do that that won’t make sense for me so those those are kind of ways in which you can communicate the message of no in in not such a brash way but essentially you you need to be communicating this more often if you find yourself getting your price and feet reduced and reduced in ruse because literally there’s no end to how low you can go how low you can go on your feet because whatever you set your fears you know if this is your break-even point and you know you set your fee here at five thousand and so there’ll be some profit and so as you you keep going lower and lower and lower until basically it’s going to cost you money to deliver this service to your prospects so you end up in a win-lose agreement and it’s just unfavorable for for you and it’s also unfair for them in the long term when they realize they’re not gonna get what they were promised anyway so that’s what I’ve got for you today the two letter words that you can use to dramatically increase your sales are the fees that you want and if you’d like additional help guidance and support to increase your conversions and make the most out of every sales appointment you have then go ahead and check out this link we’re putting on the screen right now this is a training video I put together my best material over the course of the decade in sales that will show you the steps you can take to get the most out of every sales appointment and get conversion rates of as much as up to a to the set so go ahead check that out and I’ll see you in the next video take it

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