[SOLVED] The Fear of Rejection in Sales

In this video, you’ll discover how it’s possible to no longer worry about getting “rejected” in sales. If you’ve been avoiding activities to grow your business because you don’t like hearing “no” from prospects, this fresh perspective will share the insight required for this problem to go away for good.

What’s covered:

  • How separating “be”ing from “do”ing will free you up to take bolder actions that lead to new heights of success
  • What prospects are saying “no” to, and why you never have to be afraid of hearing it
  • What potential clients pay you for, and how it has nothing to do with your self-worth or value as a human being


how can this diagram help you pretty much eliminate your fears of rejection when it comes to the activities required of you to grow your business like making sales signing up clients asking for higher fees and all the other stuff involved in building a bigger business well in this video I’m going to show you the two distinctions in the way that we see people and ourselves that will be responsible for either generating a loss years of rejection or pretty much having no fears of rejection whatsoever so here’s this distinction either you see people and yourself and you understand people and yourself in a way where the activities that a person does is directly related to who they are or you separate the two and see the activity that people do as separate from who they are okay and this distinction is really going to be the difference for you when it comes to the fear of rejection so let’s talk about the first one in the first one if you make it means that a person’s actions are a direct reflection of who they are then what you will do is you’ll just generate a lot of judgments about that person so let me just put you in a scenario imagine you call up a restaurant it’s lunchtime you’re hungry you call up a restaurant and you make an order for collection and you the waiter or waitress who takes your order and says that it’s gonna be ready in about 01:39 minutes you’re like oh gosh you know it’s a bit of an inconvenience and really hungry now but okay fine I’ll wait for 20 MS and then you arrive in the restaurant 20 minutes later you really hungry and you ask for your order and they haven’t even put it through you how do you relate with that waiter or waitress what are your thoughts about that waiter or waitress do you immediately come up with the judgement about that way to our waitress you say to yourself well that waiter waitress is a complete idiot or they’re so incompetent or they are 1/z or they are rude do you come up with all these judgments about that way to our waitress based on the activity of not putting your orders through in due time another example would be if you’re driving on the highway or the motorway and somebody just cuts you up abruptly on me as you’re driving someone who just cuts you up what’s your immediate thought about that person do you start making judgments about whether like you start thinking that person’s a dangerous person or that person’s selfish person or that person is a nasty person or an irresponsible person do you start coming up with judgments about that person based on the activity of cuttin of them cutting you up now why I’ve seen why I’ve noticed is the extent to which you make these knee-jerk judgments on everybody is the extent to which you are fearing rejection when it comes to sales and activity required of you to grow your business because you make the assumption that what a person says what a person does in relation to your activity means things which it typically can’t mean or doesn’t mean for example if you haven’t separated the two between a person’s behavior and actions and what and the person’s being then every time somebody responds to you in relation to what you are doing you in action you’re making so for a business building you may ask for your fee and you may say that your fee is a certain amount and that person responds by saying well that fees very high you may make it mean oh my gosh I must be greedy to ask for a fee like that or a person may say you’re I don’t I’m not joining your service or they say no to your offer or no to your program or no to getting on a call with you to this to have a consultation they’re saying no and you’re making it mean all these things about who you are you’re making mean that oh gosh maybe I’m just not good enough to be in business or maybe they just don’t like me maybe I’m not like maybe I’m not a likable person and you’re making it mean things which it typically doesn’t mean because ultimately when a person says no and by the way that’s just general business people will always say no more often than yes anyway that’s just life of business when people say no they only say no in response to the action and activity that your your your your putting their way so if you make a request and they say no to your request it really has nothing to do with who you are it literally just has everything to do with the request you made and everything to do with the activity if you make an offer and people don’t buy it and they say no to the offer they they are not saying no to to your being they’re just basically saying no to the offer and really your effectiveness in the marketplace and what people hire you for it all falls under this side of the of the map with doing they’re hiring you for what you can do for them if you’re a coach or consultant they hiring field for the speech you make and the advice you give and your abilities and skills to help them make changes in their lives or if you’re any kind of service provider it’s ultimately what you are doing for them that they’re paying you for so don’t there’s no need to make this incorrect assumption and make it mean things about who you are that typically aren’t true and the extent to which you can separate the two from other people in the way you see and relate to other people is to the extent to which you free yourself up to take more actions and obviously the more actions you take then the more likely you are to find the yeses because ultimately if you are holding yourself back through the fear of rejection because you’re not you’re not you taking enough activity and then when you free yourself up from that kind of from that kind of understanding and gridlock then you will take a lot more inspired action and reach more yeses and effectively grow your business so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you like this video and if you like this understanding and you’d like more helpful resources to grow your business sign up more clients and get more yeses on your initial and free consultations then I’ve put for you a video training showing you how to do that the link is in the description either above or below depending on where you’re seeing this video go ahead and check that out and I’ll see you on the other side take care

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