How to Be Resilient In Business


Resilience helps us in our business whether you are a new businessman or you are already an established business person business in resilient help us in all areas of your life in our personal areas as well as in our professional areas otherwise life seems like an emotional roller coaster where one area might be thriving for example your business might be flourishing but your health and well-being might be getting affected hi assalamualaikum my name is Ayesha Akram for those of you who don’t know me I am a transformation coach and I help professionals becoming resilient by showing them where their spiritual and emotional experience come from and I do that by sharing a simple understanding of human psychology based on true psychological paradigm you see once you know where your emotional experience come from you have a better understanding of how to many different well-being how to manage your professional life as well as your personal life because the thing is the way you do one thing is the way we do everything but if you can see that how you are doing one thing and if that one thing is powerful enough it can empower you to improve all other areas of your life and I am on a mission to share this beautiful understanding of inside-out paradigm or transformational coaching different people have different names for it but the thing is it shows you how your thoughts work and the reason I’m passionate about that is so I can educate and empower people on a global level so they can take inspired actions towards achieving their goals and their aspirations it’s not always about finding a solution of your problems coaching is very much empowering it also helps people for creating amazing goals and achieving these goals in their lives so today’s guest I’m very excited to introduce today’s guest who is also an inside-out coach and he is a business coach in a sales coach and he would share his own journey and how this understanding has helped him you know becoming successful in his personal and professional life so please welcome me you know joining brother hacken so a little bit about my guest is Hakan ibrahim is a sales and business coach who helps small businesses succeed by increasing their sales performance and results after long standing career in sales and former top performer for one of the UK’s largest independent real estate agent he transitioned into private consulting with the vision of empowering small businesses to grow further and faster with coaching supporting them and training those people previously these services were only available through his service to low large corporations his no-nonsense based approach are used to help clients grow their business without burning out or compromising once most important to them well my Shalom I’m quite impressed already so please join me welcoming Hakan Ibrahim Salaam alaikum so subhanAllah I was reading your bio and so many things that actually resonated with me as well but I’m interested to find out about your journey how did your coaching journey start it a great question so I think it really started in childhood and my teenage years where for some reason people always kind of came to me for advice came to me for counseling and it was very easy and natural for me to to listen up for people to just open up and so um I was very quiet shy and introverted grow up anyway that yes people just seem to just share their challenges for me and I just go ahead and help them problem solve them so I was in college and part-time I landed this telesales role which was pretty you you might say accidental because for a person of my kind of personality very quiet very introverted it wasn’t it wasn’t going to be something that I just choose like deliberately almost think I gonna just transition too into it and it was you know it was the situation where I’d had to speak a lot and that’s something that didn’t really come natural natural to me so it did a lot in helping me break my shell and get more socially confident and I ended up doing pretty well there and so over the years I built my career until I went from kind of one sales role to another sales role until my most recent job in a corporate you know in the company was a very large one and so you know I I got to a stage where I was running the business for them and I know I was able to square that business very well and and then a time came where I just felt felt limited I just felt that I was made of something bigger and something more meaningful and so I took the leap and transitioned into private coaching and yeah well some analysts are so many things so first of all it’s amazing to hear you know I invite all these guest expert speakers from around the globe but this is one thing that almost everyone shares as being a coach that they’re coaching journey stars is you know a lot longer than actually they started getting paying for this so your journey also started in the childhood and it’s it’s amazing that you also mentioned that you were an introvert and you were a shy guy and I also share the same thing you know when I tell people that I used to be shy they don’t really believe me and I still and to be honest with you in some social situations I am very shy and introvert but in some other situations where I know what I’m talking about I’m quite an extrovert person so how did your combination of this type of personality helped you out growing your own shell I think I just ended up finding the strength in it to be honest because I think one of the great things that introverts are gifted with is the ability to to ponder to reflect and to analyze and to you know to look inward for for answers and to think very deliberately about things and so I’d used that to my advantage whenever it be people who may have necessarily had some weaknesses in that area of being able to reflect and ponder about their situation and just me using those natural innate skills to be able to shine a light on it I think I think yeah just finding the strength in there and navigating it that way so and did you find support from your own coaches through your own coaching journey oh absolutely I I don’t think I could have really made anything work sustainably anyway with our coaches I’ve since really making the leap to taking the leap and making the transition shortly you know after the journey of I realized that you know navigating in world of business even though I had like really great business skills working for employers this was a totally different ballgame and I needed help I needed support and I couldn’t navigate this world without them so think thankfully I did a lot of searching around for the people that I most resonated with and understood me and so yes I’ve had um I’ve had really great coaches that helped me along the way that’s amazing my Shiller and and how long ago you courting journey started so really I think from a professional standpoint it was in my previous company because like the directors and the senior managers would ask me to coach my fellow branch managers because you know they they wanted to kind of share what was working and what I was doing that that other images weren’t doing so kind of coaching was happening within a professional context in there and then and then it was two years ago yeah it’s 2017 and I actually took the leap and decided to to make move independently well okay and you I was reading about your bio and it says about inside-out understanding now I know what inside-out understanding is and how it helps in businesses would you like to share with the with the viewers and listeners how first of all what is an inside-out understanding and how does this specifically help in building business so the the inside-out understanding is is is basically the understanding that you do not feel your circumstances you cannot feel the past you cannot feel the future the only thing that you can ever feel is your thinking that’s happening in the present in the moment and it does wonders for all areas of life just understanding this but yeah in a business context it’s really taking a load off of off of your mind because there’s a lot that happens in business it’s very complex there’s a lot of moving parts and and by understanding where your felt experience of life is coming from you are able to offload a lot of unnecessary thinking and thinking that that really just takes up mental bandwidth and mental wrap so that you can focus with singularity on the task at hand and then just move forward and achieve your goals with with very clear focus and precision okay so just when I make it because for people who are maybe new to this paradigm coaching or inside out coaching so when Hawkins said that you cannot feel things from your past or you kind of feel things from your future what does that mean is even though it seems like you’re feeling the thinking from your past which you normally do but that doesn’t have any power the only thing the only reality and the only truth of the human psychology is that we are feeling our thinking in the moment so you so this straightaway makes you becoming a present person and this is how your you have Baraka in your time from Islamic perspective so if you are being the spiritual person if you want to focus on your spirituality being present helps us focusing on our ebody being present in our business life help us becoming more productive and being present with our loved ones help us becoming you know or creating thriving relationships so this is why when we say that inside our understanding helps all areas of your lives this is how it helps you because when we become present there is usually wisdom in the moment which we don’t see because we have a lot of excessive thinking I’m sure you must know how can you know we have a lot of excessive thinking from past or from future when that falls then we start seeing the beauty of the present moment in the productivity yeah and I’d like to add that’s a beautiful explanation I’d like to add as well that a lot of business development work and training what the approach that they use is is adding stuff to your to-do list and more things to think about and more things to do man is often the case where you go to like a three day seminar or a two day seminar one day seminar on business development and they you know they throw so many different like really great advice at you about what you should be doing and what would be great for you to be doing and if you and then you leave you know with with you know high spirits and lots of motivation you realize I’m never going to be able to implement all the stuff that I’ve just picked up and so the great thing about understanding the paradigm is it takes so much off of you to do this because there’s literally nothing to do about the paradigm there’s nothing to apply it’s already applied for you and so it just yeah it just allows you to just take a lot off of your mind be more inflow more in ease and allow yourself to just flow through your days way more productively so yeah exactly and you know this is one of the biggest reasons you know when people have burnouts that’s the best the reason they have a lot of burners because as you said there are lots of things that are in your to-do lists a lot of moving parts so instead of people thinking that they are able to actually overcome this to-do list or they are actually becoming more productive they sort of naturally have this anxiety about their deadlines and you know if it’s a if it’s a working environment or if it’s working for yourself it’s even worse because then there’s no one there to actually tell you you have deadlines so you have added anxiety being an entrepreneur so having this understanding really does help us on a psychological level and it’s so important to be aware of our own emotional health and well-being because if we are not emotionally you know stable it’s not really that you know it’s not the term but obviously if you’re not aware of our emotions then that can take us to an emotional roller coaster then we might start getting all the Indigo power revived in this business where is our next paycheck is gonna come from things like that all of these things if you have plans around these areas and you don’t really need to worry about it all you are doing is you’re just following your planned strategic footsteps so I’m wondering how do you actually support your business clients because you mentioned you help them with cells and business coaching these two seems like two broad areas do you combine and then make it as a as a one strategic plan well absolutely like after a while of getting into coaching I realized that um there’s never this one thing that you need to get a business working the way you want and there’s always multiple things that you need to that needs adapting and molding and and and support to actually get the results that you’re looking to achieve so yeah I think with the with the sales piece that’s where majority of my experience is and with clients that I typically work with a lot a lot of them have have challenges of being able to enroll or being able to articulate their value and so they fall into traps like undercharging and over committing and taking on too much that they can actually deliver and then it ends up being then they end up having to find more work to replace the work that they understood their value on and so it just becomes this mess so really it’s just about getting clarity on who are really out there looking to serve with your business and and then work putting together a plan their strategy for you to be able to have the necessary skills and the emotional resilience and well-being to be able to work that plan from start to finish exactly and and I love it because that means that you’re not you’re removing the guesswork out of your work so this is yeah this is you only help the coaches or you help anyone in any kind of any entrepreneur no I mean it’s it’s it’s really a focus on client based businesses so services personal services or b2b services and so I’ve worked I’ve had the pleasure of working with really creative professionals designers architects and healers and salt practitioners and people of all different industries but the common theme is that they have their gifts to offer in the form of their service and so all the challenges that that brings and yeah navigating that hmm interesting so what has been your most defining moments in your own courting journey defining moment for just yeah personally or professionally something that really transformed you and you realize that wow this is amazing I wish I would have known this ten years ago or something okay without without a shadow of doubt I would have been the learning the the three principles understanding so I’d been around the block with personal development I actually gone through quite a lot because from my early years really getting into sales kind of environment it’s like personal development and sales go hand in hand if you’ve ever read any personal Butler metals in from the 80s upwards you’ll see like Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn and all these great speakers that they always kind of tie in sales with their personal development so yeah I went through the block and you know I picked up loads of great ideas but I always found that with every great idea came a bucket load of more things to think about and more insecurities about how far I am from you know where I should be and so learning principles and really just coming back to coming back to you you say from an Islamic perspective the fifth row of the present moment and that you really don’t need to overwhelm yourself with thinking and getting everything perfectly right and having all the answers to actually take inspired action and and get the results you want so yeah without hope without that’s been that’s been the most impactful experience I’ve had that’s and thank you so much for sharing and anyone who’s has been a three principles coach or a paradigm coach that’s one of their most defining moments as well so and ah he actually because we have various viewers during a week and we had a few people’s watching us before so guys if you have any questions please feel free to ask this topic is resilience and building business and how resilience actually helps us and support us and our today’s guest is Hakan Ibrahim from London UK what I was wondering is for people who probably don’t know what three principles are how would you how would you define them and how do they help in in our personal and professional life so yeah it’s always a tricky thing to explain in a minute because you know nobody does it for you how does it work for me well it’s um it’s what the great thing is it’s working for it’s working for everyone in every moment since like the beginning of time for the end of time so it’s um it’s it’s just being able to it’s being able to see to navigate your your way through life knowing you know knowing knowing what it’s very very hard to explain to be honest it’s a if basically knowing that in every moment it’s it’s only you’re thinking that that’s causing you’re feeling and how feeling and thinking is is bound like this or their sandwich together so a lot of the times when we have hang-ups and issues and challenges that come up it’s they usually they’re usually quite easy to solve legit from a logistical standpoint so if a problem comes up normally they’re there quite easily solvable in everyday life the only thing that makes them really hard and become huge problems for us is all the emotion that we attach to it and all the meanings that we attribute to it that cause us to have such strong emotions attached attached to those problems that really weigh us down and pull us down and prevent us from overcoming them and flowing freely towards our goals so I hope that kind of peace yes yeah and that’s that’s this you say principles are already working for everyone because that’s the true paradigm of psychology how do you how do you define gravity you know you we use gravity without the definition anyway but it’s interesting to know from the different people standpoint because then how is it helping you is how you can help other people right and as you said principles are really we feel our thinking in the moment and feeling and thinking are already always joined like this you know you cannot separate them and when we start having these problems or hiccups or hangouts in our life that’s where we think that our problems are actually coming from the issues not from our feeling or thinking in the moment so we start feeling stressed or anxious about that subject and as you mentioned yes these things you know usually there are logistics so for example if a person might be worried about where his next paycheck is coming from a coach who probably is a new coach so from a strategic perspective he or she probably needs a business coaching or they probably need to devise a good funnel depending on their coaching journey so once you have done all your strategies in place now you know that you have taken care of all the moving parts so your stress really wasn’t because of your your fear or anxiety of where the next paycheck is going to come from so often when we have this illusion that other play places is people things have the power to make us upset that’s where the illusion of our stress and anxiety comes from so realizing this that no one has the power to make us feel the way we don’t want to feel it empowers us it gives us hope and you know it reminds me a great quote from Maya Angelou that you know no one has the power to make me feel the way I don’t want to feel I’m paraphrasing that but that actually it’s a beautiful way of explaining the parent that if somebody’s giving you a piece of trash would you take it we wouldn’t take your chances are we wouldn’t take it but we tend to take a lot of unexplained stress and anxiety from people you don’t even know just because somebody looked at us in a certain way and that made us feel like oh my god and you you or me or other people we we take on excessive thinking around just that look that prayer gave us or a calm but we lied either we can have a hard conversation with that person or we could just simply ignore them a time this excessive thinking adds up so much weight oh gosh absolutely and I was just going to say as well from like a business standpoint to I’m constantly trying to avoid what other people are thinking you know that that really sabotages attempts of growth and because you know even from a from the place like for example marketing you know where you’re constantly in front of people and even sales and marketing together both involve a lot of interaction with people and there’s going to be a lot of people that don’t agree with everything you say or may not necessarily understand the message that you’re communicating the way that you intended and so they get they get judgy they can criticize you and then if you know where your experience is coming from you know that it’s not you know what whatever someone says or whatever they whatever thoughts they have about you really it’s it’s it’s coming from their own thinking and it really has nothing to do with how well and okay you’re gonna be then it immediately takes so much off of off of your thinking because now you you know you can just really just go for your goals and not have to constantly think about you know what others are going to be thinking about you and um yeah just allowing that stuff to just hold you back yeah and it prevents people from taking things so personally you know you become light-hearted become so much fun imagine someone who is shy why most people are shy from when you on journey I know I used to be shy because people can be very self-conscious and self-conscious people tend to have a lot of excessive thinking about themselves hmm are we doing okay are we saying things okay are we appearing or showing powerfully in the world when you just let that excessive thinking go even for about yourself everything becomes so much fun and enjoyable yeah I think are no good yes no no what I was just gonna say that it’s really helpful I personally found it really helpful in life-changing hamdullah I totally agree – exactly um exactly that I think um yeah we tend to yeah we tend to behave in a way which um you know is consistent with how we see ourselves so I think when you realize that a lot you know what of it in fact it’s just it’s just thought and yeah you know you kind of snap back to reality and realize that you don’t really need to you don’t need to compare yourself against anybody you are your own unique individual own unique path your businesses its own you know has its own unique path – and so yeah you can you just frees you up so much to just go for your goals and yeah just just not think too much about them yeah and you know when you don’t think too much about anything it just automatically unlocks the innate wisdom that we are all born with or in it resilience what is resilient resilience isn’t that you know you will be fine that thing is gonna ever go wrong or you just simply bounce back resilience is actually finding your grounding when things are working fine you stay you know gracefully ground it should go through your values and resilience is also if things are not going the way you have planned then it takes you right back silikal that you know three things that Allah subhana WA Ta’ala says or whatever you’re asking from me or striving towards there are three ways I can help you I’m gonna give you exactly what you asked for or I’m gonna remove a harmful thing from your life as a replacement of that effort that you’re doing or dua that you are making but the third thing is that I’m actually gonna give you something far better maybe not in this world in your hair after so none of the efforts that we take you know they’re ever wasted but if we imagine if we if you and I and if everyone who is listening started adding that spirituality how would this impact him in our life how much Baraka we would have in our Oliv if really I don’t saw your person because you know how we keep on saying that how you do one thing is how you do everything so if you’re showing up powerfully in your Deen you automatically show up powerfully in your dunya in your other affairs so it’s just becomes an enjoyable Pleasant part of life and a goal that you know you are striving towards and if things are not going fine that you have this deep knowing it’s not a wishful thinking you have this deep knowing actually that it’s it’s fine you are in a win-win situation yeah I once heard as well you and literally you literally came to this world with nothing so everything is in profit from that from Earth you know you can’t you can’t lose essentially because what how we turn a lot of loss is you know it’s not it’s not absolute loss you know you’re not really it’s you you’re gaining very powerful insights and you’re learning you’re learning you’re getting feedback you know not not seeing nots because too many of us hold ourselves back from really from really going for what we want because we’re so afraid of of risk we’re so afraid of losing we’re so afraid of doing that you know doing the wrong thing or or messing it up and and in business especially that’s how a lot of businesses you know they stay stagnant or they don’t grow or they well they end up failing and dying it’s because they are so afraid of just you know moving ahead and learning and gaining feedback along the journey and so yeah it’s really insightful bringing out yeah and a nice oh and I couldn’t agree any more fear gets into the way of everything right if you don’t have this understanding of where your thoughts are coming from we probably think that fear is something that is stopping us I I occasionally say to my clients that fear is actually a friendly force field it doesn’t come to stop you in your tracks fear the rule of fear is either to tell you to not do something for example if you are standing at a tall building it’s okay to be afraid because if you are trying to jump you cannot are rational and another rule of fear is to advise us to do something instead so for someone who is a shy introvert person and he has been given an opportunity to speak in public for the first time and if that person is afraid the fear is telling that person you just need to practice right but we just give in to this power of fear and we just think that okay right I play dumb and be afraid and close you know in us but you start exploring your own emotions so finally it just becomes an amazing journey self-awareness is the key self mastery is the key especially if you want to be said yes if you’re not aware of your own you know emotional herbs and flows that means you’re just constantly going through this emotional roller coaster and it’s gonna affect your business it’s gonna affect your clients it’s gonna affect even your person life as well eternally um just as you were saying now I remembered something one of my mentors said which is people don’t have business problems they have personal problems that reflect in their business and I think yeah it’s absolutely critical because your business may be you know you know it may be a legal entity but essentially like it’s people that are running it it’s you it’s and you’re a human being oceans and so and a spirit and so if you’re not if you’re not you know if if you are not in you know it’s not stable if you’re not grounded if you are very reactive and you’re unable to you’re unable to focus and bring us off at the present moment and recognize what your emotions are therefore and which are essentially there to serve then it’s going to be a very very draining and an unenjoyable experience whatever you do not just the business but like to real life day exactly and the thing with business is what I usually use to inspire my clients is what is the reason that they’re doing this business they could be doing anything in the world usually people who are business and they’re passionate about something so knowing their bi really helps them finding their emotional grounding especially when things are not going exactly the way we expected and don’t take me wrong we are not advocating that you should never feel down or you should never feel upset feeling the feelings and thinking’s are all related if you’re going through a tough time it’s okay to feel upset or you know unhappy about a particular subject but being upset knowing that you’re upset feeling would just go naturally on their own gives me a lot more Hope than being upset and not knowing what’s gonna happen with me tomorrow so all I would rather be sad and upset in that state hopeful state yeah and I think to add to that I think and what’s fascinating is we come up with a lot of rules about how we should feel and there’s a lot of judgments about emotions and yeah the thing is is that you know you’re not always in you’re not always able to control your mistake they naturally just arise from your thinking in the moment you you’re not always in control of that and it’s very important to realize that when you know it’s thought and you allow you allow for it to you know you welcome it in and allow and then it will naturally it will naturally flow outwards to that the problems occur when we we judge ourselves by these emotions we think like you know if you’re if you’re in business and you know you may feel in motion about a particular topic you may judge yourself the saying I shouldn’t be feeling emotion about this particular I’m a I’m a businessman and I business businessmen don’t feel emotion about these things so yeah we judge ourselves we get self-critical and it just stops us in our tracks and we can’t move forward and so yeah there was a room in crime as well that came to mind when you when you said this which is like every like every adversity and every emotion is it’s like a person knocking on the door like so it’s coming and you and you need to welcome all of them not not just you know because a lot of us just what to experience the positive emotions and then just never never experience any of the negative emotions and so all of them bring immense amounts of values and gifts and treasures so yes important to just embrace all of them the entirety of human experience oh yes George the agreement that and the thing with emotions is well then I’m neutral are thinking I’m neutral they don’t have any positivity or negativity the only positivity or negativity they have is the one we attach to them and I think about controlling our thoughts or emotions we can’t we have a solution that we can through every function positive thinking but positive thinking if you tell someone who’s extremely depressed that okay you just need to think positive that person would love you know in your face and say oh how how do you don’t even know what I’m going through the thing is if that depressed person know that actually just like the weather system his deep depressive thoughts would go because it can never ever rain 24 hours a day or seven days a week similarly you can you can never ever feel one emotions for the rest of your life so knowing that gives me hope sharing that with the world whoever is listening to me or watching you know to me sharing this message with them gives me enormous amount of hope even you’re feeling upset even if you think that you can never ever bounce back I can assure you look at the weather system it never ever range 24 hours a day seven days a week it never stays sunny we have natural healing we have this ability gifted by Allah Subhan Allah that we can bounce back yes alhamdulillah and that’s important to notice as well that you have an unlimited capacity of resilience and everyone everyone does you might you might think you know you may not believe it’s true but behind all the insecure thinking there is an unlimited supply of resilience and the proof of that is is in you know people who have gone through immense amounts of trauma and in a war children yes people have gone through some seriously troubling experiences in the past have gone on to to never let it affect them and move on and have fulfilling and happy lives and so yeah it’s important to realize that ya did the only thing that couldn’t get in the way of you being naturally resilient who is your own insecure thinking you know you’re reminding me one of my clients she was a Holocaust survivor I mean one of the happiest people after she has gone to stuff that you know you probably it’s even hard to imagine and of course when she was going through that tough time she was in a lot of pain and her and her sister they both were in that same situation they were they were kept you know in a locked cell had they had so many experiments done on them and they got free from that situation but the funny thing is she’s living a thriving happy fulfilling life whereas her sister has so many health problems so many emotional problems she could never ever got over her trauma and those were twin sisters you’re talking about so that goes to show that everyone lives in their own reality and that’s okay right it’s it’s her own journey no one can force her to think in a certain way but we can definitely plant the seed by saying that you know you two have the capacity to bounce back just like your sister did by surrounding like you reminded me of that you know that people who go through PTSD some of them do bounce back and some of them because they think that they can never ever be the same so their thought becomes their reality so thoughts are very powerful we just take that program it business free and one must be very careful with how you know they are attaching in certain meanings to their thoughts yeah absolutely and therefore anyone who has yeah who feels as though they’re kind of stuck with troubling troubling thoughts that it’s there’s definitely the path do you have the capacity to to experience them you know for fulfillment and happiness and joy and abundance and yes it’s it’s a it’s it’s it’s a it’s a natural blessing and gift from from Allah from God subhanAllah thank you so much and you know what I can just sit here and talk to you about three principles or paradigm coaching or transformational portion for ours but I’m aware of the time as well and I know you’ve been yeah and I know you’ve been very generous with your time so I was wondering before we bring the show to us and then what advice would you offer to someone who probably is new to their entrepreneurial journey what should they be doing in order to civilians to become resilient I would say hire a coach it’s the best thing I ever did I’m not saying that because I’m coach but like navigating the world alone and navigating a lot of business alone even if you do have previous business experience is it’s a very it’s very challenging there’s a lot that can happen personally financially and so having equilibrium having having your grounding and navigating the world with Reuters on your side supporters help with guides on your side is is the most important thing especially because a lot of new entrepreneurs – typically they have a lot against them like their their families typically aren’t really on their side a lot of people’s families you know would rather have them stay in you know a safe secure job and they may they may feel quite alone in their journey so having someone who has travelled that path and who has experience and who has the tools to be able to have get the most out of you get the highest performance and be at your best and and navigate the world is yes it’s going to be absolutely imperative to your journey so that’ll be my best advice hmm that is so true smiler and you know that’s true because when if you’re if you’re new in your journey everything that you said it makes so much sense and it seems relevant to me and even though I had I had done but the thing is when I started my own coaching journey I felt that I have to have someone else I have to have someone else who can show me the ropes and this is that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful on your own the thing is if you can see successful on your own in a year’s time hiring a coach would make your journey a lot quicker plus a lot more enjoyable because you’re not guessing everything you have someone there who you can relate to who can give you expert advice and you can also show you that actually there’s a batch of you doing things and thank you so much yep I’m sorry Alice no go ahead continue no I was just gonna say that thank you so much for this advice because this is really priceless yeah it’s just through through a custom experience and of observations from a lot of my peers as well and people that I’m in the same business development communities with who are going through lots of challenges and um one thing I’d like to add as well as that it’s really like a lot of the challenges new entrepreneurs faces is there’s a lot to learn especially if they’re transitioned out of employment because in a lot of employment you’re typically kind of given the you know you’re given everything you kind of need to get your job done and you’re even given the instructions on how to do it and processes and everything so it’s it’s literally just a plug-and-play kind of system that you’ve got in employment that when when you make that transition to yourself plan and business and entrepreneurship you really have to be a self-starter and you know find answers and make things happen and if you you know it’s very I mean the failure rate is pretty high and the way to kind of make it through successfully and find success on the other end is is really being able to to have support and guidance along the journey to make things so much more easier but also to prevent you from wasting a lot of time and money in unfruitful endeavors and just gathering lots of information which is something that a lot of people end up doing as opposed to actually you know taking baby steps one step after you that once that after the other and following you know I got a road map that’s specific to you that’s gonna help you get the results you’re seeking exactly a personalized road map yeah exactly brilliant thank you so much and I was wondering if somebody would like to contact you or if you have any free Evie that you would like to share with the audience please feel free to leave that in the comments below okay yeah yeah I’ll do that thank you so much thank you so much thanks again for being with us today yeah it’s been a pleasure thank you for having me and yeah I look forward to seeing you grow grow and certain more people okay likewise thank you salaam alaikum alaikum Salam here we go folks so this was Hakan ibrahim from london UK our sales and business coach and today’s expert advice I hope you have found this truly helpful and I really hope that you are benefiting from these lives and if you watch us as a replay don’t forget to type in hashtag replay and if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to leave them I usually go back in and we can but what I would like to encourage you guys is instead of sending me private messages with your queries this is the chance for you to show up and answer ask as many questions as you can because if you think about it I am a professional coach and I do advocate of healthy work love life boundaries so I would love to answer each and every personal query but sometimes it’s just simply not possible and this is why I set aside time you know despite of having a very busy lifestyle despite of being a single mom professional mom you know I have I have I do various projects apart from running this project but the sole purpose of this project is to inspire you educate you and motivate you so you can become resilient from within so do show up live ask as many questions as you can my expert my guest expert speakers are quite generous with their time as well and depending on the topic that we are discussing you would love to answer your queries and on that note I love you and leave you and I truly truly truly believe that you are born Brazilians and you only need to see it once insightfully that one inside which is a site from within it’s a divine wisdom it’s a guidance and that can come at any time of the day but you have to have willingness to see that on that note I love you and leave you until next time this is Ayesha Salam alaykum

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