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do you ever hear stories of peers in your industry who are less experienced and they have less subject there your knowledge they are less competent to serve your clients at a higher level and you hear stories that they’ve landed massive clients or bigger clients or they’ve they charge fees that are way beyond what you’re charging and you are perplexed and wondering how how can they do it like what’s behind that why is it that those clients are hiring them and they’re not hiring me why can’t I seem to get an attract and add these kind of clients to my business what’s going on here I know enough I’m competent enough I can do this you know so why is it not happening you know and so it’s a very great question and this video will answer that for you okay so in this video I’m going to show you what’s behind extraordinary results what’s behind above-average results what’s behind above-average feeds what’s behind having an above-average business and why it doesn’t necessarily involve being extra qualified or it doesn’t necessarily involve having the most knowledge okay so this video will share that for you so stay tuned alright so really what’s behind it all is this risk risk your risk tolerance okay and how much risk are you prepared to take and I want to explore this a little bit because really it’s behind a lot of the a lot of why people get way better results than others and it’s really how much they’re prepared to take on risks how much they’re willing to invite risk into their life and to and to go beyond risk alright and I’m going to show you something that’s really going to help you put it into perspective because ultimately risk a lot of the time risks are what we perceive to be risks are just completely imagined okay so let me put this into perspective for you let’s suppose right now you’re at place a and on place a you are you don’t have your ideal client right now so let’s just suppose your ideal client is somebody who will pay you double what you’re currently charging and they they are very flexible they’re pretty much happy to let you take full creative direction on this project or they you know they’re very coachable or they’re very you know they’re just very easy to get along with they’re very easy to serve and they’re happy to take on your direction and your directives yeah so let’s just suppose that’s what you really want and right now you’re at place a and at place a is your current state your current state of affairs is that you don’t have this kind of client right now and so at place B is where you stand to get this client so this is where you will have your ideal client so you actually have this ideal client here but what stands between you and getting to that station is is some risks okay it’s either you know one big risk or many just different risks that all end up to one risk and what is that risk well the risk is you’re gonna have to start asking you know you’re gonna have to start networking around do they have to start either building relationships or making the most out of the relationships you already have you’re gonna send messages and you’re gonna ask people for things and you’re going to have to have a consultation or a conversation with somebody where you may risk then saying no to you where you may risk breaking rapport where you may risk getting judged that your fees are too expensive and maybe they telling people that they know that this person charges a lot of money and you know that may there may be risks there for you you know you might get reputation risk you know there might be all kinds of risks that you’re up against but the thing is is that that is all this is is is a necessary obstacle for you to travel from a 2 to B but there is also the there is also a possible outcome that you don’t get you don’t get it after all this after taking that risk or those risks there’s a possibility that you can take the risk and not get to your desired outcome okay that’s also a possibility but guess what right now at place a you’re already there you are already with no idle claim right so after taking this risk so after taking this risk you stand a chance at getting your ideal client or you also it cannot work and you end up without your ideal client but you will be at the same place you are right now so it begs a question what really is the risk because right now I don’t have what I want I meet I want to get what I want and behind what I want is a risk or risks to take and if I take the risk I stand a chance at getting what I want or I could not get what I want but ultimately I’m already I’m just going to I’m just going I’m not gonna there’s nothing really at play to risk because I’m gonna go back to where I am anyway so rich so literally there stands everything to gain and nothing to lose really even if this happens really there’s a really there’s this isn’t really this isn’t accurate because you’re not necessarily going right back to a you’ve actually learned a lot because beyond that risk not only are you developing your risk tolerance muscles and you’re developing your courage but you are way more likely for this to swing background to this because now you’ve actually made the offer you’ve asked for what you want and you have presented your proposal and maybe that person says no maybe that person because you offer and then six months later they come back to you but that can only happen after you’ve taken that risk and made that offer and you’ve you’ve seen it through to the other side and therefore what really gets in the way of most people is this risk you know is this risk element so I challenge you to take on more of these risks because if you feel as though you’re not getting what you want out of your business you’re not getting what you know you’re you deserve out of your business and it’s not working in the way that you want ask yourself the question how many of these risks am i taking on a daily basis how many people am i reaching out to that scare me to reach out to because ultimately if you are if you are you know you want this you want you want to be at B and you want to be at the best of what B has to offer you have you have to take that journey you have to take that jump you have to take those risks because behind pretty much everything you want is risking things if it’s not risking money time or effort or energy or whatever it is that you have to sacrifice it’s going to at least risk you’re the safety and comfort of being where you are because this is where you know this is your familiarity and this is where you are right now so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you want more if you want better clients if you want to add new business if you want to get beyond what you’re currently experiencing out of your business take risks take more of them and take them off then and take them frequent and be bold and if you can do this and the more and more that you can do this the more and more you’ll experience success the more you’ll experience what you really want out of life and your business so that’s what I’ve got for you for today if you like this video and you’d like more resources to get the most out of your business getting the most out of your sales appointment and conversations getting the most out of your time then I invite you to check out the training video I put together that shows you step-by-step how you can get as much as 80 percent conversion rates on your initial and free consultations and charge higher fees and have a lot more fun doing it so check out the training the link is in the video in the description either above or below and I will see you on the other side take care

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