How To Be More Confident in Sales Appointments

In this video you’ll discover how to it’s possible to be more confident in your consultations and sales activity. Confidence may be the key to more sales but a quick search for ways to “increase” confidence result in methods that do little except increase our fears.

What’s covered:

  • Where confidence is located, and how to tap into endless supplies of it whenever you want
  • What to avoid in your sales appointments to ensure you speak every sentence confidently
  • Why you never need to “wait” for confidence in order to take action outside of your comfort-zone


in this video you’re going to learn how you can be more confident in sales so if you feel as though you know you lack confidence you feel as though it’s really hard for you to communicate the value you bring to the table you have lots of appointments that they don’t really go favorably they end in disappointment for you they end in nose and you feel as though if you just had that confidence if you just were able to speak confidently you would make way more sales and you’d grow your business a lot easier and faster so in this video I’m going to share some helpful advice and tips on what’s helped me become confident in sales and I hope would help you too so the first thing I want to share is that confidence is not something that you have to fake it’s not something that you pretend and it’s not something that you have to add on to what you already are and who you already are you don’t if confidence isn’t out there in the world somewhere that you just grab and then you if you just like ingest it you become this confident person or character confidence is something which you already have and you will know this to be true because children from the age of like to around that age range around 2 or 3 you’ll notice that each one of them is confident you know you you can’t find a child that’s not confident just being who they are being themselves and speaking you know and you’ll and you’ll see that over the years over time we have to learn we have to learn how to be unconfident if that’s even a word we have to learn we actually it’s a learn thing to not be confident to not speak you know what you know to not speak in a confident way that’s that’s something that we learn so the first thing I want to share with you is confidence is already there ok what you want to be doing is taking away a lot of the misconceptions and myths and things that you’ve learned along the way that inhibit confidence that prevent you from being confident so maybe you have some beliefs about about speaking or saying certain things in your sales appointments that are causing you to not be so confident with how you speak or it may be that you have some clients where you promised something and then they didn’t get what they were promised and so they had a really big go at you maybe they left a negative review and so now your confidence has taken a hit because you think oh gosh well if my speak confidently at this sales appointment and they don’t get what they that they don’t get what they’re promised the same things gonna happen so these are some beliefs that you pick up over time that dramatically hit your confidence and prevent you from acting and behaving and speaking confidently so that’s something you want to be weeding out that’s something you want to be identifying and taking a look at and inspecting how you think about speaking confidently and going through the process of dropping those misconceptions and the ideas that are preventing you from speaking confidently another thing I want to say about acting and behaving confidently in your sales appointments is speak according to what you know for sure like for instance how confident are you that your name is what your name is like my name is hackin I’m a hundred percent confident that my name is hacker what you don’t want to be doing is going into areas which you’re you just don’t have a lot of subject knowledge on or you just you just don’t know for sure those things those those areas and if you find that your prospect is going into the weeds there and they are coming off topic and they’re going into areas which you’re unsure of don’t feel afraid or shy to say actually that’s not where my skills lie or that’s not where the majority of my experience or expertise is but I’m interested to know why you think that that’s even relevant to the problem at hand okay so just bring it back just elegantly bring it back to the topic because ultimately you have already have immense amounts of confidence in the area in the subject knowledge that you’re an expert at or you have the most knowledge or expertise er so speak within what you know for sure the fact that you know your name the fact that you woke up today the fact that you had breakfast today these are like facts you cannot there’s no disputing that and so you want to be speaking in your sales appointments about things that you’re absolutely certain off things that have happened for real maybe talk about a claim that you worked with in the past that got really excellent results you don’t have to pretend or you don’t have to make stuff up because it’s true it’s true and there’s no way that you can speak about that event in a unconfident way because it happened it’s real if they can fact check it they can cross-check it whatever they want to do it happened so you want to be speaking and talking about and keeping the focus of your conversation on the areas in which you are absolutely certain table and think topics that you know a lot about and topics in areas where you have the most expertise on and so my last tip on confidence is don’t wait for it okay so if you’re the typical path I see where where people get paralyzed in their steps they can’t progress they can’t move forward is because they’re waiting for confidence in order to act and they’ve got the formula wrong they’ve got the formula messed up and upside down what you want to be doing is acting and confidence will inevitably follow because it’s something you already possess so if you know you have a day where you know you’ve got low mood you’re not really up for it don’t wait for comp don’t wait to be confident or don’t wait for the feeling of confidence to come to you in order for you to take the next step what you want to be doing is chunking everything down taking the very next step and then moving forward that way and then over time you know you’ll be doing you’ll be so habituated to taking action so habituated to doing what pre in previous weeks months or years were completely out of out of sight for you not just way out there you you would see how far you’ve come and for you it’s just like any other any other day any other action that you’re taking because it’s something now that you’ve just habituate yourself on and it’s and inevitably you’ll be you’ll be confidence will not be something that you you’ll try to borrow or try to take from any anywhere outside of itself it’s just something that will come naturally as you progress and as you continue to take the very next steps and take baby steps and actions towards your goals and ultimately for anybody watching this video is going to be growing your business increasing your sales increasing your effectiveness and your performance in sales and making more income so if you like this video and you’d like to make the most out of each one of your free consultations or sales appointments then check out the video I put together that shows you my step-by-step system on how you can increase your conversion rates and increase the amount of people that sign up to work with you and for higher fees on your sales appointments and consultations the link is in the description below or above depending on where you’re seeing this video and check that out and I will see you in the following video all right so take care bye-bye

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