3 Sales Tips for Introverts

In this video, you’ll discover how to increase your sales performance and results as an introvert. So if you’ve rather read a book than start conversations with strangers about hiring you, you need to watch this.

What’s covered:

  • Why introverts run into trouble with typical sales training and advice
  • When introversion can actually be a strength in closing more sales
  • How introverts can arrange their diary for optimum performance and outcomes on sales calls and consultations


in this video you’re going to learn three tips to maximize yourselves as an introvert so if you’re somebody who’d much rather read a book or solve a complex math equation or design a spreadsheet than do sales to grow your business you’re gonna find these tips super helpful to get the most out of all of yourselves efforts and engagements and ultimately grow your business so the first tip I’ve got for you is be natural so what do I mean by being natural well what I’ve seen to be true for the typical introverts that are trying to learn sales is the path they take is usually watching videos online reading books maybe attending a few seminars or workshops and they tend to pick up these ideas about how selling is supposed to be done and usually involves a lot of behavior that’s very out of character for the typical introvert so what they’ll end up doing is they’ll they’ll start behaving really weird on sales appointments because they think that that’s how it’s supposed to be done and what I’ve known to be true throughout my career and through the people that I’ve coach is that if the sole purpose of you acting out of character was to grow your business it actually is counterintuitive but it actually harms your business because for one reason or another the prospect picks up on something that’s just off the cool even if they can’t quite put their finger in it something just doesn’t something’s just not connecting something’s disconnecting and inevitably you’ll reach the end of the conversation appointment and it’s something’s just not quite right for them to go ahead and move forward and it’s because you’re really acting so weird and so out of character for yourself that things don’t just come out naturally your words don’t come out naturally and you just don’t come across as somebody that’s trustworthy and so what you want to be doing is just act according to your natural disposition and speak as you draw as you normally speak ask questions as you’d normally ask questions answer questions as you’d normally answer questions and just think as though you know you’ve got a friend or a colleague or a or a family member as your prospect and just talk to them as you’d normally talk to those people because ultimately what’s going to help you get more sales and what’s going to help you get the most out all of your sales conversations and engagements is is a connection and that can only happen when you are being natural and you are acting in the line with who you are at your core all right so that’s the first tip the second tip is own your strengths so what do I mean by owning your strengths well there’s a lot of gifts that come about just by being naturally introverted like the gift of thinking deeply the gift of looking inward for answers reflecting conjuring and problem-solving and so these are all really essential qualities and traits in order to diagnose a problem that’s going on for your prospect and ultimately present them with a solution so what you want to be doing is just taking advantage of that disposition take advantage of the fact that you’re naturally introverted and make the most out of those qualities that you already have so so use that problem-solving ability when you’re in your meeting with your prospect to really hone in and drill down on the specifics and the details about what’s truly going on for them and what you’ll find is that you’ll you’ll be able to articulate and you’ll be able to identify the right kinds of problems to solve that will ultimately have that person not only truly feel as though they’ve been understood and feel as though they’ve that you truly get them but also be willing to hand over money and say yes I’m in here’s my money solved my problem okay so you want to just be taking advantage of all of the skills and traits that they’re naturally gifted with and you don’t even have to try to to to benefit from all right so that’s the second tip and the third tip is manage your schedule okay so comparing your schedule essentially means just be wise about how you schedule your sales engagements your sales conversations and consultations because if you if you get drained by being in front of people a lot then set a limit to how many consultations you’re going to do that day if you’re managing a team or if you’ve already got quite a lot going on with other people maybe you’re in a co-working space or whatever it may be you already probably need that quiet time you need that alone time so set a limit to how many a consultation you’re gonna do a day and obviously there is a delicate balance between scheduling someone for the following day or the next week if they’re really they have a very high desire to have their problem solved urgently but you want to just be managing your schedule as best as you can so try to avoid those days where you’ve just got back-to-back appointments space them apart as much as you can and what you want to be doing – which has helped me a lot is if you if you do in-person meetings is do some research before as to places where you can stop off before the meeting and stop off after the meeting where you can naturally rejuvenate if it may be like a park or a library or somewhere quiet where you can just rejuvenate recalibrate and yeah just build up your energy so that you can go in strong and then you can wind down straight after the appointment – that’s gonna massively increase your effectiveness on each of the appointments that you do so it’s just about being wise and being conscientious of how you best manage your own energy during your days and weeks and if for instance you may find that certain days of the weeks maybe if you do a five-day workweek and you have certain data Sunday off maybe what you want to be doing is scheduling more calls on Monday so that you know once you’ve been refreshed you’re ready to go strong and then you know you can pin out pin back the sales of points throughout the week but it’s just about managing your schedule and doing your best to make the most out of your energy and operate at your best for each of these appointments so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you like this video and you would like more resources to not only get the most out of every sales appointment or consultation you do but also get people to agree to higher fees for the work that you do and the value that you bring to the table then I’ve got a really awesome training video I put together I’ll put the diss link in the description below or above depending on where you’re seeing this video go ahead and check it out and it will show you step-by-step how you can increase your conversion rates but from each appointment and how you can also charge higher fees and ultimately grow your business in a way that feels natural and authentic to you so that’s what I’ve got for you for today I hope you benefited immensely and I’ll see you in the next video take care

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