When Sales Processes Actually LOSE Sales

In this video, you’ll discover situations where processes designed to help grow your business, end up becoming a hindrance to your sales results. With this one tip, you’ll understand why treating a person as an individual will result in more conversions (and referrals).

What’s covered:

  • The reason why sales pages, videos and funnels convert at 1-3% vs. consultations and sales calls that convert at 20-80%
  • Why most of us have it backwards when it comes to the “how” of selling and what’s much more effective
  • How to build enormous amounts of trust and rapport by paving a unique way for your prospect to buy


in this video you’re going to learn one tip that will dramatically increase your sales performance and results and it’s about respecting your prospect as an individual now what do I mean by this in a typical business that’s growing you’ll have a process okay which is which is important which is important to have because with the process you can train others to follow that process and you can scale and you know it’s very important to have a process and processes have stages okay but the problem the problems the problem with that is you’ll have general generalism in having this kind of process and and when you have when you’re doing 00:53 sales and you are speaking to prospects individually and you’re having sales appointments individually a person doesn’t may not necessarily fit into these kind of boxes and may not necessarily follow this path in the way that a lot of other people may do it and so if you want and this is this is really why you’ll have your Health’s copywriting and you’ll have sales literature online so you’ll have like a sales page which some of the best out there convert maybe 2% 3% some of them whereas when you’re doing one-on-one sales and sales conversations with people you can convert as punters 80% okay and that’s the difference is that when you are not speaking to an individual as an individual you are unable to really reach a solution for that person and so you end up having to to put them through this but it’s it’s not as effective and so what I want to say about this respecting a person’s individual personality as well is that the typical way we’re kind of talk how to to sell is by saying lots of great statements to this person so in other words we come to the appointment with the content that we’re going to that we’re going to to throw at them and when you do that it comes across as pitching in fact we hear that so many times we hear it like pitch meet or you’re just pitching I don’t like it I don’t want to be pitched you know nobody likes pitch to be pitched at ok however what you want to be doing instead of that is having your prospect provide you the content of the appointment they are giving you the content of the appointment so in other words your appointment is really about learning about your prospect and then you are you are tailoring your solution according to the content that they have provided you so that’s so much more relieving to know that you don’t have to have all the answers you don’t have to have you don’t have to have the perfect words you don’t have to have prepared everything perfectly in order for you to be able to do this effectively in order for you to get this working the way you want and making sales all right so that’s what I’ve got for you today is respecting a person’s individuality respecting how they may not necessarily follow the pre-planned stages that we have in mind for them and when you do this you’re able to build up so much rapport and Trust by basically saying I know that typically we you know people have to do this and this and this but we’re just gonna take you right over here and the amount of trust and rapport that’s built is just really great business so that’s what I’ve got for you today I hope you’ve got immense benefit from this video and if you’d like more tips resources and guidance on how you can increase your sales conversions by as much as by up to 80% on your initial consultations go ahead onto this link putting on the screen right now that’s a training video I put together showing you my best material about how you can increase your conversion rates by up to 80% on your initial and free consultations so that’s what I’ve got for you today okay and see you soon

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