No-one should lose customers because of this

I walked into a shoe store over the weekend,

And I was at a place where most prospects are:

Not like “I need to buy something right now”, but would consider buying when presented with the right offer.

I was looking around for something very specific.

And I was picking up and inspecting some of the ones on the shelf,

And this clerk came up to me with a smile and a very simple question:

“Do you need any help?”

And what followed was one of those sessions where you find yourself sitting on a ridiculously low leather sofa, surrounded by boxes, tissue paper and random shoes.

Then periodically getting up to inappropriately stomp, tip-toe and even chassé around the store to test against all eventualities.

Anyway, I ended up buying a pair, and paid a lot more than I expected.

But here’s the thing: without the assistance, I would have left empty-handed.

That’s what I did in the stores before this one.

I walked in, looked around, and no assistance.

Sometimes I’d even see clerks standing in the most inconspicuous corners of the shop floor, going completely unnoticed.

Not this clerk.

He stood out.

And he reminded me of how simple customer-acquisition really can be:

Smile, and offer assistance.

It all starts there.

You’re never too advanced to follow the basics.

And if you feel like your sales process is missing one or more of the basics,

And you’re concerned with how much it’s affecting your income.

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