How to Take All of the Sleaze Out of Selling

In this video, you’re going to learn how getting new business doesn’t have to involve the off-putting stuff that so many of us find distasteful and would rather avoid.

What’s covered:

  • The thing that makes selling feel awkward and “icky”
  • The mindset shift that will take away all the pressure from both you and your prospect
  • The perspective that will turn the “chore” of selling into “fun”


here’s the biggest problem when it comes to increasing sales and here’s where all the slime and the sleaze comes in that everybody so often hates about selling is when you pin all your hopes on to somebody saying yes to you so so you are the salesperson and you are attached to this you are addicted to this that’s where all of the creepiness the awkwardness that the weirdness that’s really where it’s uh that’s really where it’s all born and that’s what generates all the yucky slimy stuff that happens that people that that put so many of us off when it comes to selling is your addiction – yes like you have to get yet now I’m not suggesting being passive and not wanting yes is in your business absolutely not of course you’d have to get lots and lots of yeses in order for your business to grow but it’s the addiction and attachment to this and I want to be even more specific not just – yes but yes from one specific person right this is where it gets really slimy because you are so obsessed with trying to get a yes from this one individual that you do all kinds of convincing and persuading and and just it gets really really off-putting and weird especially if you’ve ever been a buyer on the receiving end of that kind of behavior you’ve realized it’s just really really off-putting it’s just really yucky and so what you want to be doing instead of this I said this – take all the slime out – take all of the sleaze out selling is have this mindset of so your mindset is I my goal my business goal or my sales goals right will involve lots of yeses okay they will involve lots of yeses so essentially if you have a a goal to add an extra hundred of clients this year whatever it may be whatever business you may be and suppose your goal is:31 clients this year then obviously that means yeses okay so people that use that you speak with or find out about in some way will say yes but in your in your conversations that happens throughout the month weeks and the quarters for you not to not to care on the micro level who says yes so it doesn’t you don’t have to the problems occur when you start saying okay so let’s just say this is Jan and this is week one and so I have I’m in a conversation this week with John I’m in a conversation this week with Andrew I’m in a conversation this week with Sarah okay whatever it may be and I’m looking at that week and I’m saying okay so when I get in a conversation with John I have:32 percent I’m gonna close that guy I’m gonna close that guy hey he’s my client that’s gonna be a that’s gonna be a sale that’s gonna be a sale or your or you may look at the week and you might go okay so John Andrew Sarah all right so yeah I’m getting three sales this week I’m getting three sales this week done it’s done it’s done and so what ends up happening is when you come to that appointment when you come to when the time comes to speak to Andrew at 3 p.m. you come with this energy of pre deciding that this is gonna go in a specific way and this person is% going to say yes and whatever objection they race I am going to I’m going to give them all the mine judo I have to convince them to say yes because I pre-decide because I’m getting I’m getting a hundred clients and I’m just gonna 10x I’m gonna 10x everything and I’m going to close and room the close Sara and I’m gonna close X why is that I’m gonna close anyone anyone who’s at lead I’m closing them and so that’s essentially where all the slime comes from is is this addiction – yes for every person and so you shouldn’t really be wanting a yes but every single person that shows up or every lead that comes your way because there’s perfectly great reasons why it wouldn’t work out okay so they’re just understanding adopting this mindset to say this year I’m adding a hundred new clients that’s your goal that’s your intention that’s your vision and that’s the energy that you have but I don’t care who it comes from okay it doesn’t have to come from John it doesn’t come have to come from Andrew it doesn’t have to come from Sarah and by you doing this by you adopting this behavior whereas which is I have this goal but I don’t care in which way it comes to me we ever whoever shows up that says yes to me that’s great and whoever says no that’s totally great that’s in fact that’s even more great because they’re leaving me close towards the people that are going to say yes to me because that’s just how it works that’s the mindset that’s gonna help you reach your goals and take all of the slime all of the sleaze all of the just all of the awkwardness all of the things that make us so repelled and repulsed by selling and you’re gonna have a much much much more enjoyable experience doing it and it’s your businesses all over good all of sudden going to turn into fun like a lot of fun because now it just becomes it’s a case of having conversations with people and when you’re in a conversation with someone you’re not desperately trying to extract something from them or or you don’t need something from them in order for you to be okay then everything all of a sudden becomes so much more enjoyable and so much more fun and now it just becomes a case of just working your plan and making it work and speaking to enough people to make your to make your course happen so that’s where I’ve got for you today if you liked this video if you liked this content then here’s what you can do to get more of these kind of strategies and understandings and concepts that are going to help you get to as much as 80% conversion rate on your initial free consultations I put together a really great training video that will show you the best of what I’ve learned over:04 years in sales to help you increase your conversions increase your sales and have so much fun doing it as well so go ahead go over to that link put it on the screen one more time go on to that link and that will show you how you can increase your conversions it’s a video training I put together that will show you the details of how my steps work my method ways that I do it work and you’ll also join the mailing list which I move deliver more content just like this too so hope you got immense benefit from it and I’ll see you in the next video take care

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