The Biggest Breakthrough

“I know you overshot but, dude, that’s six times growth on your previous month! What do you think contributed to that?”

That was a question I asked a coaching client in our most recent session.

He attributed this increase to two main things:

1. He overcame his fear of asking for the right fee on consultations.

I remember how he used to refer to his most valuable package as the one with the “expensive price” and expectedly, no-one ever bought it.

When we worked on getting him comfortable with this offering and seeing its value, someone bought it from him the very next month and without any objections!

2. “Respecting” his business and taking it more seriously

He now understood that if he was going to make this his livelihood, he needed to take a more professional approach to things.

Before, he didn’t have a handle on his numbers or what he was supposed to be doing each day, that changed in February and so did his income.

What’s interesting is that externally things were pretty much the same. What changed was his own perspective.

It goes to show your biggest breakthroughs come from within.

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