The follow-up that turned £300 into £2,000

A prospect reached out to my client and enquired about her services.

They set up an initial consultation.

Went great, lots of rapport.

My client put together a program that was going to get them exactly what they needed and MORE.

But… the prospect declined. Apparently it was too expensive.

They’d been in touch with “others” and thought they could have their problem solved for around £300 based on what everyone else was charging.

Plus their boyfriend would be financing the service so they didn’t think he could stretch to the £2,000 investment.

Here were their exact words:

My client was disappointed.

But not for the reasons you’d probably assume.

She was very highly skilled and totally competent to change this person’s life, far more than anyone else could, but this prospect couldn’t “see it” yet.

They decided against saying “yes” to their future, and that bugged my client.

Being an industry insider, she knew what would happen if this prospect would go to a cheaper provider.

That’s because before working with me, she was one of them.

She knew that they’d under-serve her.

It’s almost a given that they’d be so frazzled thinking about where their “next client” would come from, they wouldn’t be able to give the presence and attention required to deliver this type of service properly.

So, they parted ways.

But my client got an intuitive hit to make a stand for them. She got to her laptop and typed up one final email…

No pressure, just her thoughts verbalised. She even ended it: “I do hope we can stay in touch, With love…NAME x”

She hit “send” and forgot about it.

Within a day the prospect called saying they wanted to enrol in the program!

What about the £300 budget? Irrelevant. It magically increased.

They became resourceful, spoke with their boyfriend and made it work.

My client was so shocked by this, but I wasn’t.

I’ve spent years hearing prospects say “the price is too high” and “I can’t afford it” only to turn around and find the money somehow.

If not on the first consultation, then further down the road after many failed attempts using free and cheaper options.

Why? Because when you give people what they really want, and articulate how your service will make it happen, financing becomes a simple matter of logistics.

So if you’ve been struggling to get clients at the fees you deserve, and can’t seem to get prospects to hire you without discounting and offering so many complicated and bespoke payment options, we need to talk.

Schedule your session below, tell me what you really want out of your business, and I’ll show you how we can make it happen together.

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