I know how easy it is to get tongue-tied,

And lose your posture when there’s so much at stake.

Questions like “what if they say ‘yes’?” or “what if they say ‘no’?”

Can keep you busy with all the wrong activities.

Inventing “to-do’s” and over-complicating what’s better simple.

Instead, take a different approach.

Ask the question:

“SO WHAT if they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’?”

Better still “How can I prosper no matter what they say?”

You’re smarter than you give yourself credit,

You just need the know-how.

And if you haven’t yet found a process that feels right,

You should check out my training (link below).

I explain a career’s-worth of client-getting failures in an hour,

And show you a better way to say what you do,

So you can start profiting from your conversations,

Whatever the outcome.

You can access the free training from here:

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