Where success can be found

Success can be found in the most inconspicuous places,

Like containers with labels different to its contents.

We might read it as “awkward”, “tough” or “uncomfortable”,

But inside is a treasure.

Case in point: that conversation you’re putting off,

Because it involves speaking about yourself in a positive light,

And asking for a fee that might be “too high”,

Or for decisions that might be “too soon”.

You could continue avoiding it to stay out of harm’s way,

Or you could “go for it” anyway, and see what happens.

Either way, you can’t predict the future,

So what is there to lose?

A moment’s rejection, if that?

But the upside can be huge,

A new client worth five of your previous,

Or a fast and easy project with long-term benefits.

When you start looking for those poorly labelled containers,

Things begin to change.

And the stuff you previously avoided, will seem silly in comparison,

To the new set of challenges, you’re now putting off.

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