The WORST Time to Schedule Free Consultations and Sales Appointments

In this video you’re going to learn the least optimal time to booking initial consultations for your business.

It never occurred to me that there were best/worst times to do sales appointments. I thought “when a person really wants something, they’ll buy regardless of timing.”

But recently the question came to me, and I thought about it. I noticed a common pattern of poor performance from sellers/ service providers whenever they engaged in sales activities during certain periods. Here, I share these findings with you.

What’s covered:

  • Why arranging appointments during this period will dramatically decrease your chances of making sales
  • The connection between this timing and sales that go sour and end in poor customer service
  • How this timing can affect performance, behaviour and effectiveness at enrolling clients at the fees and terms you decide


When is the worst time to schedule an initial free consultation or sales appointment? Have you ever thought about that? I hadn’t for a very very long time until recently I came up with the thought “is there a best time? is there a worse time to schedule one of these calls?” 

And over the years, I actually thought back to them and the clients that I’ve coached and helped along the way, and I realized that “yes, there is a really bad time to schedule an initial consultation or free sales appointment.”

Because, when you schedule it during this period, you’re much much much more likely to fail the appointment, or to flunk the appointment or to get the results that you’re not looking to achieve, and not perform at your best and just all around loose sales and spend a lot of time really not enjoying the experience, okay.

So do you want to know what the worst time is? All right, here you go [uncovers whiteboard] there you go, can you read it? The absolute worst time to schedule an initial free consultation or sales appointment is when you need the sale, okay.

And it’s really counter-intuitive because most people, especially if you’re in business as a solopreneur or you’re self-employed or you have a very small team with very limited resources, most people end up looking for clients and looking for new business when they need it.

And over the years I’ve learned that, that is the worst possible strategy and the worst timing to go out there looking for new clients, when you actually need them. And the reason is because when you show up to do prospecting and to network and to find new clients, what you end up doing is you carry around this desperation, and it’s really really off-putting and everyone can sense it.

So, you know, you end up coming to appointment with this desperation that “gosh I really really need this appointment to work out, if it doesn’t work out then, you know, we’re gonna be in a really problematic financial position” or, you know, “we’re not going to be able to meet our expenses this month” or whatever it may be.

But when you need the sale to happen, you put this unnecessary pressure on yourself and unnecessary pressure on your prospect to get a sale. And it’s really where all the weirdness and awkwardness comes out too: stuff like discounting, stuff like really unfavourable terms either on their part or your part just to push it through, because you need it.

And so what you want to be doing is avoiding looking for clients when you actually need them. When you actually arrange sales appointments and do sales appointments when you’re completely indifferent as to whether that person says “yes” or “no” to you, you’ll notice more people will say “yes” to you. Because it’s no longer a case of them saying “yes” for your reasons, they’re saying yes for their reasons.

And you’ve presented your offer and presented your solutions in such a way with absolute clarity, confidence and certainty that a person naturally will want to follow that lead. Because, you know, you’re no longer contaminating the agreement with neediness and with your own desperation.

So that’s what I’ve got for you today, if you liked this idea and you’d like to follow the steps necessary to get more sales out of the appointments you’re already doing or increase your conversion rates, or just having a lot more fun going around and doing sales appointments and actually making sales happen, then what you can do is follow this link.

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