Are you creating an obstacle-course for buyers?

You’ve gone right to the tip of the mountain, then you’ve just said: “Okay, well, that’s enough let’s go back home”…

At least get to the mountain top, plant your flag there and say “we did it!”

☝️ My response to a client’s strange behaviour on a recent call.

He shared lots of really valuable stuff, and made a super compelling case to hire him,

But when it came to asking for the next step: it was flatter than a can of soda left sitting for a week.

“And this is what I help you do… OK, now for questions!…”

What an anticlimax!

Coaching him through this, I was reminded of how many of us do the same thing.

We have no problem teaching, story-telling and solving problems but when it comes to the bit that counts (requesting action), we shy away and quickly switch topic:

Unknowingly creating an obstacle course for prospects to go further.

This can be seen throughout every stage of the customer journey and accounts for a huge proportion of missed opportunities.

Literally, the only ones left are where the prospect is determined enough to jump through hoops to figure out what to do next.

Lesson learned: make it easy for prospects to buy.

If you’ve been doing the same and want to be as confident with your ask as you are with providing “value”, 

I invite you to watch this training video that I created to explain this and most importantly, the three core pieces you need to land clients who pay you premium rates.

It’s all explained in full details right here!

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