More valuable than a mountain of gold

Some questions are more valuable than a mountain of gold.

That’s one of the reasons I collect them, and teach them to clients.

Case in point: I shared one of these well-constructed questions in a presentation not too long ago,

And someone came back to me just this week saying how they landed a high-paying contract because of it.

They simply asked the prospect this one question and they spoke and spoke for over ten minutes!

They literally sold themselves into his service in their own train of thought.

What a relief it is to do this in lieu of “convincing” and “persuading”.

Just ask, and listen… so simple.

This is something that my client can use to help him earn a livelihood for the rest of his life.

And what I find the most fascinating about it is that questions are free!

If you’re inspired by this and would love a sales-process where prospects pretty much do all of the “selling” for you,

Jump right into this video training that I created to learn more:

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