How Bryony Found Her Niche & Enrolled Premium Clients

In her own words…

Hi, my name is Bryony Whiteley. I am a Mid-Life, Self Esteem and Empowerment Therapist. And I would like to tell you what Hakan Ibrahim has done for me.

I came to therapy late in life. I changed career, I graduated. I spent a year or so seeing clients from all backgrounds all walks of life and it was working well. I wasn’t charging much, I was gaining experience.

My customers were coming through referral. And when the time was right, I felt that I would progress towards my niche easily, effortlessly and everything would be okay. But it wasn’t.

I found myself unable to really communicate what I was doing. I didn’t know who I was talking to. I doubted myself. I wasn’t sure I was really able to offer high-end packages. And I went from frustration probably to desperation. I think that first phone call with Hakan I just sobbed and cried my whole way through.

I had completely lost my way and it was taking its toll on everything, including financially of course. Hakan put me back together. He took me back to square one.

He gave me the tools and the techniques and the strategy that I could marry with my heartfelt spiritual transformational business in order to find the niche that was right for me, or perhaps for that nice to find me.

In order to know how to communicate with my clients. In order to know what tools technique strategies would work to be, yeah well actually to tell my clients what I could do.

He gave me the faith in myself to know that I could make a real difference in people’s lives, charge them money that I wanted to charge, and know how to do it for my clients’ point of view so that I could deliver that transformation and have a business that really, really suited me.

Hakan has the most wonderful motivational, supportive and inspirational skills but he also really, really knows what this is about.

There are few people out there who understand how to drive a business, but at the same time connect with a heartfelt business that transforms lives and speaks from the soul. Hakan knows how to do that.

My investment in Hakan’s services was an investment in my business, in my life and it’s one that I am so grateful and happy to have made.

I would urge anyone a coach, a therapist, a spiritualist a transformationalist, a healer take on Hakan because he really knows and he can save us perhaps a life-time of stumbling in the dark never really fulfilling our potential. Never getting our message out to the clients that really need our services.

I would recommend Hakan. I do recommend Hakan from the bottom of my heart. You know, the world needs life changers like us. And all we need to make it work for our clients for ourselves, is Hakan Ibrahim. Thanks Hakan, you rock.


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