“I don’t want to bother people…”

Yesterday I saw a message in my inbox with a familiar subject line,

It was from one of my subscribers.

He replied to an email I sent out to my list a couple of days ago.

He wrote to me saying these three things:

1) He appreciated how much I respected him by being not being “canned” like so many others

2) He was able to understand why he was stuck in business after watching my training

3) He was grateful for the work I do for people like him

The thing to note here is this was after receiving a “marketing email”.

Let this be the reassurance you need if you have negative beliefs about promoting your services.

A lot of the people that come to me believe a variation of:

“Sales and Marketing is bothering people”

Here’s a better approach:

Step out of your own shoes for a moment and see this from your prospect’s perspective:

Would I feel “bothered” if you showed me a way out of a big problem I can’t seem to solve on my own?


If anything I’d be inspired and hopeful.

When you consider how many lives you’re changing through your promotions,

You’ll no longer see it as a “burden” or “necessary evil” and more like a duty.

You’ve just got to come from the right place.

When you do that, people won’t just TURN to you for solutions, but they’ll PAY for them too.

So if you want your marketing message to “land” so your prospects see you as the obvious choice in an overcrowded market,

Then take the first by watching the training here: https://www.hakanibrahim.com/freetraining

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