Drop Shiny Object Syndrome Through Insight


Hello Hakan Ibrahim here, and in this video I want to share with you something of immense value and immense importance if you are facing any kind of stuckness or inability to make progress in your business and this is something that I’ve learned although I kind of intuitively knew about it for a long time but it’s become more and more clearer to me over the last maybe six months or less and it’s enabled me to actually go much further and I want to share my learnings with with you so you can benefit from it as well and the best way I can make this demonstration is if I share my whiteboard and what I want to show is that supposing this represents you so you can see see this right supposing this represents you that arrows are all the advices and all the things that people are telling you you need to do you should be doing so I mean just to give you some ideas I mean this might be so ok so you might hear something like okay so well you know you’re in business so in order to be successful you know you need to be on LinkedIn so this is some good advice good information but nevertheless it’s it’s information so you need to do well in your business you’re going to need some copywriting skills so then you need to learn that so you want to make progress in your business so okay you’re gonna have to master your emotions and you’re gonna have to heal your relationship with money and you’re going to have to what else a technology piece maybe gets get some chatbots or or what else can we put in here do some get get a get a new shiny object whatever it may be the point is that here represents all the disillusionment that you’re probably going through and it’s causing immense amounts of frustration and confusion and work I mean all this stuff if you even if you were to do one-tenth of what you think you should be doing you would be you know that would be a full-time job you know in and of itself and so this is currently this all this stuff here is the model that a lot of the business development world teachers which is you need to do this this is the new fresh idea that you need to jump on board with and you need this and you need that you need this you need that and so what ends up happening is you just paralyzed so it’s analysis by paralysis insecurity doubt not enough Ness all that exists within this model here and now I’m going to share with you something that could possibly turn everything around for you and shift everything around for you which is and it’s so overwhelmingly simple as well when you get it I mean it it literally is gonna turn things around for you alright so here you go this is what actually moves the needle so have you ever thought let me explain it this way have you ever heard something that was simple but it was so profound so profound that you it resonated with your soul resonated with your heart like you just heard it it was could have been a piece of advice it could have been a statement of quotes um thing and it just things just clicked everything just clicked for you it was just like whoa yeah I get it now that is not because of information although it information and somebody saying it’s you may have been the medium at which you you learnt about it but that in itself wasn’t the the change agent okay what what ended up happening there was what what we’d call an insight so if you if you if you if you pay attention they it’s actually coming from within okay and it’s hyper relevant to your situation and it just clicks and it makes sense and then when you look more in that direction you’ll find more things that are coming and flowing to you that are hyper relevant and make total sense and you can literally experience more and more and more of these insights that literally when applied don’t require that much effort because that is what is the thing that you’re really in need of in the moment or and that’s what’s very relevant to your situation and that’s something which come does not come from outside that’s something which comes from inside and what exists on this level you could say or this understanding or this paradigm is simplicity if you feel super confused and everything’s hyper complicated and very difficult chances are you are probably likely massively in this area massively but over here things just become more simple like super simple even you probably also notice that you have a much clearer mind because you know you’re not burdened by all the things you think you should be doing you’re focusing and you’re putting your head down and focusing on a few things that make big different the massive differences and another thing you probably find is much less frustration stress anxiety also things like force it doesn’t feel forced in this in this site it feels more natural you experience more fulfillment things move in a direction that you’re enjoying or even if it isn’t you’ll understand more about why and and and intuitively you’ll know the best ways of acting in the moment so this is really the model which isn’t really discussed much or or used much in helping and teaching and training programs it’s usually this one which is just this is what you need to do this is what you need to do this is what you need to do and by the end of it you feel so overwhelmed that you’re paralyzed and and that’s why if you’re ever in a situation where you feel like you’re not taking action it’s it’s more because of this everything that people are telling you that you need to be doing that that overwhelms you to the point where you know you use you stop doing you don’t do yeah and you’re being pulled in a million different directions this is the place you need to be if you want to be making progress if you want to go ahead you want to grow and you want to make powerful positive changes that actually make a difference that actually help and benefit yourself your family or loved ones your clients everyone okay so this model doesn’t necessarily happen so much by buying info products it doesn’t happen by reading lots of books and it doesn’t really happen through lots of workshops and training pros although it can although it can no way of discount and the value of being in those environments but it’s not so much about information like google has Google YouTube the Internet’s provided us with so much information and yet we’re all still struggling with you know issues that technically we shouldn’t be struggling with because we have all the information we need to solve them but that’s not how change works and that’s not what makes progress so if you want those kind of things if you want progress if you want simplicity you want to make positive changes that last you need to be more on this side of things yeah this is where the place to be is for that all right so if you would like that and you want to experience that in your business you want to have something more like that in your life in your business then reach out to me because what I do is exactly that with clients I I point them to a direction in which they can naturally receive what they need in that moment it’s not just a whole bunch of to do although there’s so many to do is that I’m very competent with them familiar with but it’s all irrelevant if it’s not necessary for you in that moment and if it’s not relevant to you so I invite you reach out to me if you want life to be more like this business and life to be more like this and let’s see what we can put together I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all the best, best wishes.

If you’ve been searching for ways to grow your business, it’s likely you’re snowed under by all the ways to get there.

Most business owners have a hard time making progress because they are stuck deciding which path to take or which new widget to adopt.

Either that or they take too many paths and end up losing focus and impact by dispersing their energy on too many tactics.

In this video I share a very import lesson about overwhelm and how to break free from analysis by paralysis, self-doubt and insecurity so you can finally get ahead in your business.

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— Hakan

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