Uncomfortable doing sales

If you’re uncomfortable doing sales conversations then it makes TOTAL sense to avoid anything that leads to one.

That includes all the stuff you’ve probably spent fortunes and countless hours learning

Like advertising, lead generation, content production, direct outreach, networking etc.

The point that a lot of business owners miss is this:

If ALL you offer is a bespoke service, then the ONLY channel someone can buy from you is through this very conversation.

That’s why I spend a lot of time with clients getting them comfortable with this essential activity.

Because if we don’t get a handle on it, their business definitely won’t grow and all the exposure they’re getting won’t lead anywhere.

Once they’re confident with what to say and do in consultations to get a “yes” more frequently and for a fee that’s reflective of their talents,

Then all the other stuff that leads to one is finally put to use and makes sense to prioritise.

So if you’re reading this and think you might be avoiding the activities that actually make your business grow,

Then start by watching this training video I created that will help you figure out why, and what needs to happen to change it.

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