How to get an instant reply from clients

So proud of my brand new coaching client who sends out a few emails to prospects in his niche

And receives an instant reply from someone excited to learn more about his services.

Funny thing is, just a few days ago he was totally lost.

He told me about his lead generation plan on the group call and it sounded like a mess.

His initial strategy would’ve had him waste MONTHS researching and preparing content for a list of prospects that would never even get to see it!

Why? Because his “hard work” would have landed straight into their spam folder.

And all that effort would have gone completely unnoticed.

So I re-wrote his initial email to speak the language of his ideal client, which ironically isn’t even English.

And right away, he received the kind of message every small business owner CAN’T WAIT to see in their inbox.

Previously he would have worked so hard to get a single response like this.

But now he just sends a pre-written email and voila!

That’s what happens when you get your message/market match right.

I’m super-confident he’ll see more hot leads eager to hear him out in the upcoming days with this campaign.

And if you’re reading this and would love to see more leads asking YOU about your help

Then start by watching this training video I created to learn how:

Click here to access the training

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