Q: HELP, My Sales Script Isn’t Working!

In this video, you’ll discover why you have a hard time getting results from your sales script even though others can. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons of using a script or not using one at all, and a little-known alternative that could lead to accelerated conversions.

What’s covered:

  • The reasons why some find success with scripts and others don’t
  • The missing ingredient in scripts that limit their effectiveness
  • An alternative approach to consultations that will help you generate more sales without memorising anything word-for-word

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do you need a sale script to make sales in your business I’m not talking about everyone else I’m talking about you do you need a sales script and you may have tried some of them in the past and they haven’t worked for you and you might be wondering well is there a point in having one of these why does every business development program that I joined give me a sales script and I’ve tried it out it’s not working why isn’t it working is it just me everyone else seems to everyone else seems to be getting results with sales scripts you know what’s going on here then this video is going to solve that problem for you whether you need one whether you don’t what the pros are the cons are of having a sales script and ultimately your next steps alright so let’s take a look at scale scripts and why sales scripts don’t work for everyone like what’s that play here why is it that some people can use L scripts and you know it works for them and some people don’t use sales scripts and that works for them like why is that what’s going on here what’s happening and so let’s look at what sales scripts do so script basically really what sales scripts tend to do that I found that can be yeah they try to do this basically they try to basically take somebody from A to B like this a straight line from A to B so they aim to basically take these go through these these steps these processes on the way to get to B and it usually is one directional so it’s so it’s a conversation with somebody that isn’t necessarily it’s not necessarily a to way collaborative conversation it’s more just a one directional one side of the conversation where you’re basically interviewing that person and you know it’s essentially where you are school the questions and ultimately you ask them for a you ask the – bye that’s what happens in most sales scripts and the thing is if you’ve taken a sales script from a business development program that has worked for some people or many people in that program it’s probably because it’s niche-specific and you know over time they’ve worked out that there’s some questions that you can ask in a certain way and the way in which these questions are organized you can ask them and they will lead to better results at the backend so if you go through that process you most likely you end up more in getting the results that you want you will end up with more yeses than those alright so that’s something that’s been proven over time to work but the problem is when you try to take that when you try to take that template and apply it for you it’s not working and here the reasons why scripts tend not to work for you at least is because if what usually happens with sales scripts conversation by the way conversations in general don’t work like this like most conversate well any conversation really in that you ever have with people where the social or business or whatever they they never really happen like this because it’s not natural you know it’s not natural to have a straight line straight lines you know there there are no straight lines in nature okay so although it looks it’s it looks promising it looks good for the intellect this looks fantastic that I can just do that that’s not really how conversations work conversations usually will will work like this you know they’ll go all over the place you know and you know and then that and then they’ll either end in you know they’ll end in the next steps okay that’s usually how conversations work right and so if you try to do this a lot you try to interview that person and you try to push push them through a straight line when they when they naturally go off-topic so they might be going up here and then what you try to do with your sales script is you try to basically slap them on the wrist and say alright I know you’re going that way but let’s bring it back here okay and then they’ll continue on answering your questions and then you know over time they’ll they’ll go this way and then they’ll stop it and then you again start from on their wrist and you say alright let’s let’s go back let’s go back to my questions and you’ll see that over time you can you see a problem with this by the way you’ll see that if you keep the more the more times you’ve basically slap them on the wrist and bring them back to your agenda is the more times you’re breaking rapport is the more times you’re communicating the message that I don’t really care what you have to say I care about this script and I care about going through the scripts because come hell or high water this is the only thing that matters is this script and whether you’re gonna buy or not and you can see how the immediately that message if you’re if you’re on the buying end of that you know if you’re on the if you’re a prospect in that situation you probably would be outraged that somebody would think that that’s totally cool for for a situation to happen like that where conversation would happen where you are your needs and what you care about is completely disregarded because this is given preference because this script this agenda has been given preference okay and that’s why you might be not getting the optimal results the best results because you might be you might be so focused on trying to go through this script that you ignore the spirit of the script or what the script is trying to get the the aim of the script really is to is to find out and do it bro and to discover what they really need and to present a solution to that problem that challenge and to do it in a way in which they feel understood and cared about and which they trust that you can deliver the results and this is gonna work for them and they’re you know prepared to take on the risk of trying out you know that’s really what the spirit of the script is trying to get at but it kind of aims to do it in a way which a lot of people misunderstand and convolute and and and it doesn’t work okay so the alternative to this because a lot of people who don’t like scripts they seem to completely go the other direction like it’s they they are rebellious to all forms of scripts and structure and so they do this they they basically I’ll call it free flow but really it’s winging it so what they’ll do is you know they’ll basically go like this and so they’ll completely wing this so they’ll go into a conversation and they will have no agenda whatsoever so you know it could start off it can start off by talking about you know by by whether the consultation conversations been booked with the agenda that will find out if you know we can work together and you know you end up talking having a our to our conversation about the weather about about your country about a favorite sitcom and nothing gets accomplished and nothing gets done but you’ve had a really great conversation with them and you know you had you know it was a really great friendly exchange but no one hiring that and so the best of what somebody who tries to do this would get out of this is we’re hoping that after all this someone probably will say yes and and so that’s what their plan is and the problem with this is because there’s focus there’s no structure there’s no there’s no systematic approach to any of this it’s completely random and it gets random results okay at least with this one because this has been because with the this has been works over time you know and you if you did do it in a way which generated rapport and you weren’t so mana maniacally focused on following the script you probably would get more yeses than with this right but both I would say both are just too extreme on the sides of the spectrum so the one I prefer and the one which will generate the best results is is this one which is is a structured flow right so it basically combines the two so it doesn’t limit you so you know it aims to get the job done you know either a yes or a no whatever but it doesn’t limit you so you have what I’d say are checkpoints so it’ll go something like this you know and then you’ll you’ll get to a kind of checkpoint and then you you know it might go down that way you might skip one and then it will reach another checkpoint and as long as you achieve the necessary checkpoints you are much more likely to get a yes out of this because it gives you the room it gives you the space to have conversations that that naturally go where they need to go in order for that person to feel understood because that if a person goes all the way up there and it may look to you like they’re on a tangent it may look to you that it’s off topic but it’s not topic for them because that’s what they care about and by you by you listening out for that and giving them the space to go where they want to go with that you are building rapport okay and you’re also learning but that’s what something that they really care about and so but you our meandering and you are flowing back to these checkpoints and making sure that each point or you know each checkpoint is is is met and covered because ultimately that’s these checkpoints there are there are a few checkpoints that you need to go that you need to touch in order to best optimize getting a YES on your consultations and if you can reach these checkpoints and then you are much much much much much more likely to get to your desired outcome which is also the desired outcome of your prospect ultimately anyway but if you do it in a way which is more free-flowing and it will do it in a way which no matter who you’re speaking to whatever kind of prospect you’re speaking to will always feel as though they’re understood and they’re not you don’t break rapport by by communicating the message that listen this is the script so you know I don’t really care about that you know let’s go back to the script you know it doesn’t do that so if you would like to know what the heck goes into this structured flow what the heck this is involved in this kind of structure in this kind of conversation what the check points are then what you need to do is I’m gonna put a link in the description either above or below click on that link ok that will take you to a resource that I’ve put together that will show you what’s involved in this kind of structured flow what’s involved what’s included how it works and it will give you more information about using these and applying these types of conversations into your sales engagements and conversations that will ultimately skyrocket your conversion rates ultimately give you the edge and give you what you’ve been seeking and what you’ve been known to be true about sales all this time so go and check that out and I will see you on the other side take care

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