Follow-Ups That Never End & How to Avoid Them

In this video you’ll discover the reason why most follow-ups aren’t effective. If you’re up against too many empty promises that never end-up materialising in your sales engagements, you’ll understand why and what to do to dramatically reduce the chances of it re-occuring in your business again. What’s covered:
  • The best timing to ask for the sale to increase your chances of getting a “yes”
  • The thing your prospect begins losing the moment they leave the appointment that makes follow-ups so unsuccessful
  • Why delayed decisions don’t serve anyone and what to do to avoid them slowing down your business


does it ever feel like you’re met with so many empty promises in your sales engagements empty promises of payments empty promises of decisions made in the future empty promises of getting back to you and when you do a follow-up and when you find out whether the sale is happening or not you end up with either another store or a note so today I’m going to show you how you can dramatically reduce the chances of that happening ever again in your business and it’s really down to just one simple concept if we call this line time if we this line represents time and this line represents enthusiasm right here’s what happens to a person’s enthusiasm over time that’s literally what happens there’s a very very small window of enthusiasm and that’s typically where you all schedule your free consultation or sales appointment you want to be doing it right in that window and when a person has a challenge and they’ve decided to take action to actually call you to look at solving the problem what you want to be doing is reaching a conclusion as much as you can within that appointment because all that’s gonna happen is the moment they leave the appointment their enthusiasm is rapidly depreciating and very shortly afterwards it just completely wanes and fades off and this is typically where people end up doing follow-ups so if you find yourself following up prospects here and here and here there’s almost no enthusiasm left because it literally all died away and sadly that’s typically what happens to most people you’ll see this trend pretty much everywhere someone signs up to a new course someone decides to learn something new someone decides to go to the gym and literally they have this moment of enthusiasm encouragement and then literally it just wanes away people get distracted people the forces in a person’s life that keep them away from moving a heading and getting becoming successful are pulling them down and so this is pretty much sadly where most people live so what you want to be doing is to prevent follow-ups that end up going nowhere and just further stalling and stalling and stalling you want to be reaching a conclusion within that window within that appointment within that free consultation and it doesn’t have to be a yes that’s totally fine but at least you want to close that loop because when a person says I need to think about it all that they’re doing is they’re just postponing something to a further stage or they say I need to talk with so-and-so and that may be a totally legitimate thing that they need to do that’s totally fine but all that’s gonna happen is the infusion I was just gonna Wayne and Wayne and Wayne so what you want to be doing within the appointment itself within the consultation itself is you want to be making it very easy to make the decision by whatever they’re thinking of stalling that decision trying to sort that out right now so for example if the person says okay I need to speak with my partner about no problems go ahead and give them a call right now and if they say well I need more like I need to do more research well you could present you know you can take on that work yourself beforehand and present to them research that you’ve already done therefore taking away so much of their own time attention and energy from going out and finding out different things that they pretty much is going to be irrelevant you have literally eat and all that complexity and presented it before them and making it super easy for them to reach a conclusion and reach a decision and so here’s the one concept that’s going to dramatically reduce the chances of people further delay further procrastinating and end up saying no and if and if they don’t hire you during this period of enthusiasm anyway or they don’t hire somebody else all that’s going to happen is they’re just going to end up putting the prioritizing that more challenge or or vision that they had and end up retreating to to fine and top and tolerating it so it does no one a favor it doesn’t do you a favor because you’re left in limbo continually following and following and chasing and chasing trying to reach closure on this it doesn’t do them a favor either so all you want to be doing is within that appointment within that consultation is helping them reach a decision helping them say yes to solving the problem solving the challenge or at least deciding whether it’s going to be a yes or no for yourself or what the next steps are so that’s what I’ve got for you today if you liked this video and would like more help to dramatically increase your conversions up to as much as 80% conversion rates on your initial and free consultations head over to this link I’m putting it on the screen right now this is my best material over the course of 10 years and sales that’s going to help you dramatically increase your conversion rates up to as much as 80% go ahead and check that out and I will see you in the next video take care

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